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People In The Centres Leader

Xi'An - Yanta District, China - Explore location People & HR Full time

Job description


•Globalisation – Able to adapt global Meeting Place concept to meet local culture and community needs and willpower to adjust the global concept to stay and continue to be relevant.
•Synergy Leasing – Able to create synergies among tenants that ensures a complementary offer for the customers.
•Customer Behaviour – Knowledge of existing and potential customer needs, behaviours and aspirations to be able to help Ingka evaluate future endeavours and further translate insights into most relevant ideas & solutions, to support for business purpose and decision-making.
•Community Engagement – Understanding of how to drive engagement with various levels of the local community.
•Organisational culture & values - knowledge of defining, assessing and influencing values and behaviours to create a cultural environment that is conducive for the co-workers, the business and other relevant stakeholders.
•People centricity - Knowledge of translating data and insights about co-workers' needs and interactions into seamless solutions for co-workers.
•Workforce diversity - Knowledge of cultural diversity in the workplace including all dimensions of diversity as well as how to integrate diversity into all business practices.
•Local meeting place - Knowledge about the local meeting place business and ways of working to ensure ways of supporting and leading IKEA people in the meeting place, and business results.
•Sustainability: Understanding how to move sustainability forward with people


•Identify People in the Centre (tenants, partners, providers, MP co-workers and contractors) needs in order to create a great place to work, where culture and values is our living reality.
•Build up and support a People in Centres community (from tenants, partners, contractors and MP team members). Ensure that people have the opportunity to co-create the Meeting Place together with the MP team. Develop talents and aspirations and develop ambassadors for the Meeting Place.
•Review and constantly work on improving the working conditions of the People in the Centres, safety of the Meeting place and basic amenities (e.g. locker rooms, showers, canteen, accessibility to the Meeting place, etc.). Create a tenants & partners space to be co-shared in a sustainable way, i.e. utilising tenant portal.
•Implement competence development activities and learning offer available to all People in the Centre. Focus on activities supporting the Customer experience and customer offer, Community engagement and sustainability agenda. Make all people working in the Meeting Place aware of the IKEA Culture & Values as well as our heritage. Conduct introduction, hospitality, customer relations and other various professional trainings for all people working in the Meeting place. Share and implement best practices around how to attract and conduct learning occasions.
•Create fit-for-purpose teams for various projects ongoing in the Meeting Place with people working in the Meeting Place. Develop a sustainable Meeting Place Team that evolves with the needs of the business and has the capacity to scale according to business priorities. Coach the team members on how to create comfortable working conditions and how to engage the stakeholders into this movement.
•Drive the sustainability Agenda in the communities (PPP strategy) and be known as the pioneer of sustainability and social responsibility topics on the local market.
•Encourage the People in the Centre to uncover their talents and use them in co-creating the Meeting place together. This is done by ex. taking part in the Centre events, organizing master classes on the topics where people are good at or learning something new from each other. Together with People in the Centres, create activities for our communities and customers (e.g. charity events, volunteer movements supporting the social initiatives of our communities, workshops with the local schools & universities etc.).
•Strengthen the inclusive employment opportunities and diverse workforce in the centre.
•Support the Meeting Place Manager in administrating the HR topics of the MP Team, conducting various trainings for the MP Team and sharing of knowledge and experience with other MPs. Support the MP Manager with PR issues and be the speaking person when needed.
•Be responsible for the cost part of MP P&L in his/her area of responsibility, drives costs Budget/ Estimation planning process and follow-up in close cooperation with SO Business Navigation, secures on budget execution of activities and investments under his/her scope.


IKEA is all about people, and our team make sure to bring the best people on board to keep our strong spirit of togetherness. We believe that different experiences and backgrounds collectively make us wiser and stronger, and we ensure that our co-workers bloom into their best selves as they contribute to our business.