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Retail Supply Integration Specialist (w/m/d)

Wallau, Hesse Logistics & Supply Chain Full Time

Job description


To fulfil our Customer’s expectation of buying the offered range via the chosen distribution channel at the lowest possible total cost. Retail logistics (RSI) secures excellence in the retail operations and is the bridge between the Communicating & Selling Process and Supplying Process. Retail Logistics (RSI) represents the meeting with the customer in the Supply Chain resulting in agreed service level at lowest possible total logistic costs.

This position includes the following areas of resonsibility:

• Responsible for the administration of the store range in accordance with the Country Range decision
and Store Range Classification, and secure that all relevant parameters are updated

• Support the Sales Leader / Commercial Activity Leader in the sales planning and forecasting for
Global and Country Activities to create the base for availability of the article through the supply
chain planning process

• Provide range change planning information (e.g. store range classification, commercial classification)
to Sales Leaders and Stores, as input to a smooth range change planning process

• Monitor and follow up the sales agreements for strategic products anchored in the Business
Agreement between IoS and Retail Sales. In case of deviations, inform the Sales Leader to initiate
actions with the stores

• Support the Country and Store Commercial Team with the planning and execution of global and
country activities by providing availability information, and support with in-delivery planning where

• Monitor non-central shortages and coach the stores with their working routines and parameter
setting if they fail to meet the goals

• Support a smooth news start in the Store Commercial Team by following up the status and progress
of the news launches, by monitoring the store preparation through the set parameters and highlight
the need for corrective action

• Support a smooth phasing out of discontinued articles by the Store Commercial Team by following
up rest-to-order and receive. Highlight the need for corrective action in the Stores or Service Office
Commercial Team in case I foresee problems

• Provide the Sales Leaders and Stores with availability information through Supply Reports, informing
them of limited supply situations as input to an active sales steering process. Support and challenge
supplying partners to secure the best possible availability information for the stores

Your knowledge, skills and experience include:
  • 1-3 years of experience in the IKEA
  • Able to work over a long period of time being focused on results
  • The ability to work with schedules in order to maintain deadlines
  • English language, both spoken and written
  • Knowledge of the IKEA organizations and their role in the IKEA Supply Chain
  • An understanding of the key performance measurement and follow up tools to be able to develop the area of responsibility. This includes the Brand Capital, the Customer Satisfaction Index, and Commercial Review
  • Didactical skills being able to act as a trainer
  • Excellent communication skills and able to cooperate with speaking partners on all levels of the organization
  • Integrity and the ability to establish relationships based on trust
  • The ability to represent your country organization/market in a good way
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Mobility

Applicants with disabilities and with equal qualification will be preferentially considered.

Growing Together
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