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Meeting Place Project Leader MEGA Dybenko

Vsevolozhsk, Leningradskaya Oblast' - Explore location Project Management Full Time

Job description


•Master or Bachelor degree preferably in Project management, Construction or Asset management.
•Proven experience of having delivered at least one full cycle project (any size) with Shopping centre development and/or management in the international real estate investor/developer.
•Ability to work both independently and cooperatively in a fast-paced environment and excels under pressure.
•Ability to stay focused on final deliverables.
•Ability to apply helicopter view.
•Critical thinking.
•Develop the business and deliver results


•Plan and timely deliver the project or a project component within the budget and with expected quality. Ensure that all necessary processes such as design, permitting, leasing, marketing and construction are running smoothly, and according to group rules.
•Efficiently communicate with projects investors and stakeholders.
•Establish effective cooperation with all stakeholders and partners during project development to secure project execution targets are met within expected quality, time and budget.
•Execute localized Meeting place concept according to the commercial idea in the specified market and thus create an additional future asset value, based on a unique customer experience and Omni-channel infrastructure.
•Implement mitigation plans for defined Project risk areas.
•Implement plans to minimize customer disturbance during project execution.
•Manage and maintain positive relationships with regional and local city authorities establish relations and network with industry partners.
•Ensure required and timely reporting to the steering bodies on the budget and project progress, following company processes and procedures.
•Follow-up, accumulate and share practices and lessons learnt within project management competence inside Meeting place and with other Meeting places.
•Coordinate all project related activities, including RDV with core operations department in order to secure Meeting place smooth operation (soft services, eg)
•Participate in RDV meetings in part related to operations of the center

If someone’s the spider in the web, that’s us! We work across functions with different teams, stakeholders and partners on all sides and bring out the best of everyone involved – while meeting deadlines and budgets. We don’t mean to brag, but our planning skills are celebrated. In our team we support each other to ensure that all projects are delivered with high quality. And of course, we have a lot of fun along the way!


If you have any question please connect Alexander Morozov (