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Reporting & Intelligence Manager

Sweden Risk & Compliance Full Time

Job description


You are passionate about creating an IKEA fit for the future with the customer at heart. You find driving business growth and contributing to overall success and results through collaboration energizing, and are truly inspired by working together in an ever-changing multi-dimensional environment. You are motivated by finding new ways through co-creation with colleagues and other IKEA units as well as by sharing and living the IKEA culture and values. To be successful in this role you need proven training in Computer science, information technology, business information management or equivalent. You should have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a data analyst as well as experience in data visualisation software / applications. Your leadership skills are strong and you have at least 3 years’ experience in leading a team. You have knowledge in following areas: • good understanding of IKEA’s corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people • extensive knowledge of how to work with large volumes of digital data, utilising mathematical modelling, optimisation models and what-if simulations for the purpose of driving actionable business insights • extensive knowledge of how to design, develop and implement software that can automate business processes that are highly repetitive, rule-based and use structured data • good knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment • good knowledge of the IKEA strategic landscape and the business direction You are capable of driving strategy by directing effort to achieve long-term business objectives. You can drive performance by Providing guidance and feedback to maximize performance of individuals and/or groups. You have the ability to take in new information, compile, organize, analyze and make relevant substantial amounts of data. Actively acquires new knowledge and skills and uses new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance. You are able to understand the complexity of IKEA business and the role of technology as an integrated part of the business.


You are to lead the work of becoming a cross organisational intelligence provider, supporting data driven decisions by identifying and aggregating data to help visualise and translate findings to meaningful and actionable insight. You will: • lead the process with relevant stakeholders to have reliable and understandable reporting of Key Risk Indicator and Key Performance Indicators in place • be responsible for the analysis of Business Risk & Compliance performance reports by providing Centre of Expertise (CoE) and Group Business Risk & Compliance management with analysis and evaluation of performance and trends in an actionable manner • lead the work with CoE, Group Business Risk and Compliance Functional Managers and relevant stakeholders to secure an aligned approach for following up Business Risk & Compliance performance between Country, business unit and global Ingka Business Risk & Compliance goals • follow up and challenge country/organizational level reporting by illustrating areas of improvement and finding dependencies between a compliance and risk aware approach and performance • provide user-friendly, relevant performance analysis and securing competence within the organization to allow for analysis and understanding of performance and optimal decisions • lead the work of identifying new opportunities for digitalisation and automation together with CoE in order to make Business Risk & Compliance processes more data driven • understand how information is used today and determine future needs of reporting at the country/organizational and global level to lead the work to develop the roadmap and action plan of the function • lead the work to automate data mining processes, to be able to deliver insights to the business stakeholders on a periodical basis In this role you will report to the Business Risk & Compliance Manager. The position is located in Malmö.


Risk & Compliance, Ingka Group Achieving extraordinary growth and an even better customer experience, requires taking risks every day! By integrating and applying risk and compliance frameworks into our ways of working, not only do we do it right from the start, we also secure a more efficient and risk aware organisation resulting in a better performance. This empowers people & business to grasp the many opportunities and to take responsible risks everyday while safeguarding & strengthening our people, customer relationships, our assets and the IKEA brand.


We welcome applications from throughout the Ingka Group as well as externally. We recruit with focus on both values and competence, with an ambition to create diversity in the team. If you have questions regarding the role, please reach out to Susanne Pulverer at If you have questions regarding the recruitment process or other practicalities, please get in touch with Pernilla Cederlund at Please send in your application, consisting of a CV and a cover letter named after the specific position, as soon as possible. We are looking forward to get to know you soon! FYI: This recruitment is being handled in a new recruitment system where you as a candidate now have your own recruitment page. You can now track the status of your application and edit attachments even after submitting your application. Please note that the candidate information we may have saved in the previous recruitment system is not connected to the new platform. You will be asked to update your profile with new information.