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Country Business Navigator

Finance, Accounting & Tax Full Time

Job description

As a Business Navigator for IKEA Switzerland, you will be a pro-active, trustworthy business partner who takes a multi-dimensional view of the business, connecting the needs of customers with those of the organisation. You keep the complete overview of the balance sheet, profit & loss and cash flow management. Through your business-case thinking you will enable better business decisions, improved efficiency and leading in accordance with financial and business strategies.

• You have a background in business, controlling or finance working with both financial and commercial processes. Knowledge of retail pricing is a benefit.
• You have the ability to take in substantial amounts of data, compile, organise, analyse and make relevant commercial decisions based on your findings.
• You recognise outside trends relevant for our local market and translate them into business opportunities.
• You have excellent communication skills through which you to inspire those around you, create energy and commitment and build strong business relationships with relevant stakeholders.
• You are characterised by a high level of integrity and maturity.
• You speak English fluently, any local language is a benefit.

• Providing stakeholders with information, analysis and expert insight to support, challenge and steer the business towards growth, optimal performance and sustained long-term profitability.
• Providing accurate, timely and relevant business information and expertise to the necessary target groups in a way that inspires them to take meaningful decisions and actions to reach the goals.
• Identifying and actively pursuing business opportunities as they arise.
• Carrying out internal reviews in order to achieve growth, optimal performance and sustained long-term profitability and to improve competence and the customer experience.
• Securing the performance measurement and supporting to improve performance of the major KPI’s by being close to operations such as organising workshop for business improvement, benchmark activities etc.

Über diesen Arbeitsbereich

We see ourselves as influencers – we steer the IKEA business by finding the truth behind the figures. Together we secure compliance with local and international laws and reporting standards; we assure that accounting processes are efficient and that tax compliance meets business needs. We’re a diverse group of people driven by providing reliable financial data to a wide variety of stakeholders. At the end of the day, that’s one of the foundations to make IKEA even better!


Like most roles at IKEA, this job is also possible with less than 100%. We encourage you to apply even if you don't fit the profile to it's full extend (yet).