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Sustainability Leader

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location Sustainability Full Time

Job description


The Sustainability Leader supports and challenges Expansion & Development (E&D) projects to ensure the integration of sustainability requirements and components throughout the development process from concept through design, construction and fit-out. The projects will also include Meeting Places in operations that need to do upgrades and major refurbishments. They are responsible for translating the Ingka Group Sustainability Strategy for E&D projects, supporting and challenging project teams to develop relevant tactics and activities to fulfil the People & Planet Positive Guideline for Projects. The Sustainability Leader is the bridge between their designated Projects and the Sustainability team in the service office and are responsible for adapting our global framework and tools to the local context where necessary. But you are also part in developing our projects to reach even higher goals, to really make a change!

- Extensive experience of working with sustainability in the real estate expansion development - construction business, at least 5 years of experience in a similar position.

- Experience of working with sustainability in business, preferably retail, implementing long-term strategic and tactical plans into reality and communicating the business case for sustainability.

- Experience of working with global building sustainability certification schemes BREEAM or LEED.

- Technical experience of key topics incl. energy, waste, sustainable materials, sustainable fit-out, integrating sustainability into building design & construction, including understanding of relevant legislation and regulations in Europe.

- Good understanding of the Meeting Place ecosystem, including commercial and technical aspects.

- Proven ability to partner with internal & external stakeholders.

- Strong coaching and influencing skills.

- Good interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills.

- Strong internal customer service orientation.

- Successful project management experience.

- You are fluent in the English language (both spoken and written).


• You will be the day to day sustainability contact for a number of expansion & development Project teams, and be fully integrated part of the project team. You will create awareness and understanding of our sustainability strategic priorities, standards and requirements and work with the project team and consultants to develop solutions for achieving those requirements in the local context.
• You will be part of a global pool of sustainability leaders and specialists supporting projects across our global portfolio, with priority to try to capture the right time zones and where needed, more detailed competences in the team. Your primary focus will be on our European portfolio

• You will coach and challenge the Project Teams in all sustainability topics, making sure that relevant questions are asked, debated and resolved at the appropriate point in the expansion process, to ensure that milestones are fulfilled before relevant Decision Points and Investment Requests.

• You will secure sustainability topics are included into the Commercial Brief for each Project and follow up to ensure the components are fulfilled throughout the project.

• You will develop a sustainability strategy for each Project, in collaboration with Project Team and in line with Ingka Centres PPP Guideline for Projects, ensuring the strategy is anchored and relevant in the project and local context.

• Ingka have extensive and high ambitions connected to Sustainability. Our meeting places and projects need to both fulfill and show that they reach these goals and when possible also exceed them. An important task in this assignment is to influence, persuade and challenge each project to reach as far as possible, also in exceeding the aims and goals. This creates a high demand on you both for integrity and understanding of the topics.

• Collaboration with Leasing, Marketing, Concept, Operations and other internal stakeholders is highly integrated in the day to day work. It’s important to understand the possibilities and the challenges that the stakeholders have, to be able to both consider it, challenge and find new ways of thinking and solving thing, that will lead to our goals.

• Collaboration with consultants and external stakeholders make sure that we have the right expert support in different topics, and possibilities to get new insights and developed understanding in all relevant topics. Since we work on a global market, the continuous broadened understanding and learnings in all topics are both challenging and inspiring.

• One important part to support the project in, is to be able to reach the BREEAM or LEED certificate. There is always a BREEAM or LEED consultant involved in the project, but you need to understand how the system works and together with the project team make sure that the project in the end gets the certificate.

• To develop our ways of working and use the experience in the whole organization we often create Fit For Purpose Teams to develop new ways of working in different ways and for different topics. Your skills will be used in these teams, from time to time, to find new best practice, new ways of working or standardize what we already are doing.
• Role-model global Sustainability vision and strategy, to secure and inspire understanding and leadership across Ingka Centres.


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The Sustainability Leader brings specific Sustainability expertise to support and create relevant sustainability solutions, activities, and projects across Ingka Centres, according to the People & Planet Positive strategy and supporting in exceeding the goals.