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Supply Planner - New Business - SH/SZ

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality Business Development Full Time

Job description

- Secure operational capacities by ensuring high quality of capacity data from suppliers and by working continuously towards exceptions together with Need Planner and Supplier in a proactive manner. 

- Contribute to tactical capacity planning based on supplier performance on agreed capacity. 

- Update and secure correct business set-up information in all relevant systems. Furthermore work with systems and reports, to proactively detect and act on possible deviations from goal. 

- Prepare suppliers for best replenishment and delivery solutions by continuously maintaining & developing supplier delivery performance and sender lead-times. 

- Contribute to identifying best logistical offer, furthermore implements, maintains and reviews by having customer and total cost in mind.

- Actively contributes in the planning and execution of the best set-up for range changes at supplier, constraints periods and activities. Continuously follow-up, analyze and takes action to improve supplier delivery performance and ensures goods are shipped in time from suppliers. 

- Secures correct availability information from supplier to IKEA Retail in such quality that it can be for the benefit of customers. 

- Develops and maintains suppliers’ logistic competence towards becoming responsible on their own performance through: working closely with suppliers, running Supplier Development Projects and providing them relevant trainings & working methods. 

- Contribute to supplier development by taking a lead from logistic perspective and engages relevant competence in IKEA and at Supplier to assess supplier logistics capability and running supplier development projects.

More Information

- Good communication abilities and analytical skills 

- Strong ability to work in teams and make things happen through involving and enganging people

- Good knowledge in materials and production

- Capability to identify and capture business opportunities and deliver results through involving and engaging people in remote locations.

- Ability to build trustful relations, create new networks and building long-term business partnership between IKEA and suppliers.

- Ability to explore different perspectives, be innovative and be comfortable in the unknown (Entrepreneurship).

- Capability to understand and act in a complex environment, translate a strategy into action and achieve results.

- Good Project Management skills.