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Senior Security Engineer

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description


• Ensure and promote application of security engineering policies in product development teams.
• Secure built-in security and privacy controls throughout the design process, in order to reduce risk exposure.
• Lead the implementation of the global information security incident management process in the domain of responsibility.
• Lead the implementation of Ingka software security program securing software resilience, robustness and trustworthiness in the domain of responsibility.
• Lead the implementation of Cyber security compliance frameworks, securing compliance towards laws and regulation in the domain of responsibility.
• Lead the implementation of data privacy concepts and privacy-by-design in the software development process in the domain of responsibility.
• Inform, influence and consult with relevant stakeholders on the Cyber Security topic, actively promoting a culture where security and privacy is the responsibility of everyone.
• Translate security and privacy findings into actionable risks that product teams can use to make informed and conscious decisions.
• Coach and mentor Cyber Engineers to promote competence building and skills development, contributing to close the seniority gap in the department.


• Extensive knowledge and experience of Cybersecurity domains, their design and
• Good knowledge of enterprise level security incident response procedures
• Extensive knowledge of software development processes, software security tooling, and software development lifecycle practices
• Good knowledge of global Cyber Security laws, regulations and standards
• Good knowledge of Digital Technology across all technology capability areas
• Thorough knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

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