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Safety & Security Leader/安全风险主管

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location Risk & Compliance Full Time

Job description


? Good understanding of IKEA’s corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people
? Thorough knowledge in safety standards, rules and regulations in different types of property and facility operations.
? Thorough knowledge in international safety standards and norms
? Extensive knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment.
? Extensive knowledge of how to set up a plan or framework for programs and work structures in order to meet the standards set by government laws and regulations as well as internal IKEA policies.
? Knowledge of communication to stakeholders to counteract, handle, contain or resolve emergencies and disasters.


? Support the realisation of the Business Risk & Compliance plan within the area of responsibility
? Collaborate and coordinate with stakeholders to secure the safety and security of customers, coworkers,
units and assets throughout the country and all business within Ingka.
? Adapt, implement and operate global safety and security frameworks based on risk context, business
needs, local regulation and legislation
? Facilitate and conduct operational risk assessments with stakeholders in all businesses and functions,
develop risk treatment and monitor progress.
? Secure effective incident and crisis handling including registration, root cause analysis and loss
? Responsible to coordinate Country Critical Information Flow to quickly and appropriately inform all
relevant stakeholders in case of potential crisis.
? Perform internal investigations with the purpose to find facts and translate to preventative actions in
the area of safety and security, including root cause analysis, misconduct and other internal crime
? Collaborate with the business to detect, analyse and reduce fraud to minimize business loss and
financial impact.
? Deliver subject matter expertise and guidance in the area of safety and security to provide support and
secure operational excellence throughout the Country
? Secure the right competence and knowledge in units and country organisation by facilitating learning
activities and competence networks
? Lead and inspire a risk and compliance performance mind-set, raise risk awareness and promote a risk
culture throughout the country organisation, and thereby support growth and maximization of business


By integrating and applying risk and compliance
frameworks into our processes, not only do we do
it right from the start, we also secure a more
efficient and risk aware organisation resulting in a
better performance.
We aim to empower people and business to grasp
the many opportunities and take responsible risks
everyday while safeguarding and strengthening
our people, customer relationships, our assets and the
IKEA brand.