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Food Delivery Planner - Category Food Logistics Services(SH)

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location Logistics & Supply Chain Full Time

Job description

Company description

Supply Chain Operations (SCO) connects our customers with IKEA products in a simple, affordable and sustainable way. SCO delivers excellent transport and logistic solutions today, tomorrow and over time by (a) optimizing replenishment solutions (b) defining physical goods flow capacity needs (c) sourcing and developing transport & logistics capacities (d) managing the goods flow (e) leading & securing supply quality.

Job description
  • Logistical ("flow") performance: Secure total logistical operational performance from end-to-end perspective by planning and booking optimal transport solutions under the consideration of IKEA supply chain stakeholder preconditions. Secure product availability to the customer at the lowest possible total landed cost by the consolidation of orders into shipments and securing the delivery of shipments on time based on OTD Supply Chain. Ensure the right prioritization of deliveries. Monitor & Follow-up the shipments to secure availability for our customers
  • Daily operations: Reschedule and/or cancel shipments in case of logistical operational deviations based on Global Working Methods. Suggest improvement potentials for parameters and set-ups affecting delivery planning and execution and Global Working Methods
  • Deviation Handling: Work in close cooperation with internal and external stakeholders (e.g. carriers, suppliers) to solve operational deviations during delivery planning and execution. Follow-up operational deviations and search for solutions to avoid operational deviations in the future. Works proactively with alarm, alerts to detect, resolve and prevent future deviations
  • Capacity Deviations: Secure transport capacity by monitoring and requesting spot solutions within agreed frame
  • Communication: Secure proactive communication with internal IKEA supply chain stakeholders and external Service Providers, in particular with Senders
  • Data Management: Secure correct data in our systems to secure proper visibility and provide reasons codes for any deviation in our planning process. Alerts concerned parties about incorrect or missing information required for the delivery planning and execution process
  • Plan and Manage deliveries within Transport: Actively contributes to the development of the Delivery Operations process, system and the Global Working Methods within the Supply Chain
  • Extra-costs: Follow-up NCAs (Extra-costs) and investigate all cases. Decide based on legal documents and secure documentation of each case
  • Secure minimum EQU in our trucks together with Senders by evaluating optimal loading scheme
  • Escalate to Delivery Planning Manager in case of deviations in our planning process

  • Good knowledge in logistics, economics, business administration or relevant working experience
  • Capability of building effective and trustful relationships
  • Good presentation and communication skills
  • Knowledge of relevant tools and working methods in the Supply Chain
  • Computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Fluent in English
  • Analytical skills
  • Knowledge of the loading process and goods specifics