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Data Management Chapter Leader

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description


• Extensive knowledge of the principles of data management and –administration
• Knowledge of IT-systems and high-tech databases • Knowledge of the fast moving data technology landscape
• Extensive knowledge of the requirements of data management systems that centralise data from different platforms and enable agility and flexibility to respond to customer needs
• Knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people
• Knowledge of requirements from common applicable information policies, rules and legislation (e.g. GDPR)
• Understanding of the solution landscape in place in IKEA
• Understanding of relationships and dependencies between data areas
• Strong ability to secure consistent experience across different channels through data – for customers and coworkers
• Performs work with care, accuracy and attention to detail and strives to meet quality standards
• Ability to communicate the importance of data quality. Ability to digest large
amounts of data and balance the business requirements with real-world information issues
• Actively acquires new knowledge and skills and uses new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance. Collaborates with others (incl. virtual) to achieve goals
• Ability to understand the complexity of IKEA business and the role of technology as an integrated part of the business
• Strong understanding of business value of data, and managing the lifecycle of data to provide insight in the business
• Passionate about the possibilities of Digital to delight and inspire countries to rapidly adopt new Digital products
• Appreciate the mix of strategic thinking and turning developments into deployments
• Motivated to keep learning and to forget the obsolete
• Energized by working both independently and interdependently and cross functions
• Motivated to work agile and being open to the change
• Share and live the IKEA culture and values


• Accountable for the implementation of Ingka’s end-to-end data governance framework, including policies, guidelines and ways of working, to support good data quality and ensure a secure data management environment; secure accountability in global, country, and 3rd party solutions
• Secure global solutions are developed with local regulations, standards, and cultural expectations by keeping requirements up to date for all digital product teams to use
• Contribute relevant input to activities within IKEA’s data acquisition, data processing and data storage happen according to the organizations policies, (international) laws and regulations – and secure implementation in country in line with those standards
• Monitor data trends in the country, including customer perceptions of data usage, and potential regulation changes
• Implement data governance/management processes focusing on data standardization to improve data quality
• Support and provide input into the implementation of policies, guidelines (including GDPR compliance), and requirements for data management and maintain data management plans and operating instructions for complex business systems and architectures
• Monitor and follow up data quality and compliance to data management standards in all country and 3rd party solutions. Responsible for using data issue repository and a root cause analysis process to solve and prevent operational data quality issues – direct connection to Central Group Digital to solve root causes
• Responsible for overseeing data systems (solutions containing data) within country according to governance framework – and enabling optimal usage, and securing acquisition and storage of available data. Maintain data flow overview for country.
• Monitor and follow up data quality and compliance to data management standards in all country and 3rd party solutions
• Support and enable movement to global data platforms, securing Ingka’s ambitions to optimise value of data. Develop and communicate the value of data in the country, ensuring awareness and fulfilling ongoing adherence to the governance policies and processes agreed, thereby optimizing the value and usage of the data
• Work across initiatives within the country and across Ingka, steering towards efficient and effective use of data