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Data Governance Leader

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description


Drive the implementation of data quality and governance frameworks within cross-functional product and platform teams that collect, modify and publish master or high value data, to improve usability and seamless consumption by
the many

Define appropriate quantitative measures of data quality and work closely together with engineers and analysts around the implementation of data validation checks as well as quality performance tracking in general, in order to effectively improve data quality within a product domain

Resolve root causes of bad quality data, working with stakeholders within and outside the domain to ensure that appropriate mitigating measures end up in, and are prioritised within, the backlog(s) of the team(s) responsible for managing it

Drive the correction of missing or incorrect meta data within the organisation, in order to minimise the time spent by co-workers searching for the right data dimensions for their specific application, by actively contributing to our Ingka Data Catalogue and encouraging others to do the same

Apply and actively promote agile ways of working in relation to data quality, ensuring that performance metrics are defined appropriately within the team and become part of the OKRs to secure a reliable foundation for data-driven product development across the entire digital product landscape

Ensure that teams define and track success metrics for data sharing aligned with our distributed data architecture
(mesh) at Ingka

Promote ethical usage of data by acting as an ambassador for Ingka principles related to data/information storage and sharing, including “data as an asset” to ensure respectful consideration of societal, cultural and legal norms


Ability to understand the complexity of our IKEA business and the role of Data & Analytics as an integrated part

Ability to thrive in a highly cross-disciplinary work environment, where Data, Design, Product and Technology co-exist and deliver value as one

Ability to understand complex enterprise data flows and pipelines, and filter irrelevant information out to solve governance problems with simplicity at heart

Strong verbal and written communication skills, with a natural ability to convince others about the value of corporate data governance frameworks at scale

Good ability to identify hidden business opportunities that arise from resolving bad
quality and missing data in systems and share findings in a clear, consise manne

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