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Data Engineer

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description


Responsible for designing, building, testing and maintaining data systems, making sure the data structure, ingestion and processing systems, supporting digital product teams’ requirements and user needs;

Responsible for implementing methods to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality;

Act as technical expert in regard to integration and connectivity methods, protocols,
security and practices for data management systems;

Responsible for designing and creating the optimal data pipeline;

Work closely with data architects/scientists and other stakeholders on future data handling technologies, including input on risks, costs, benefits


Expert experience with mainstream RDBMS like MySQL(mandatory), PostgreSQL, Oracle and NoSQL such as Redis, HBase;

Familiar with the distributed database architecture, ability to design the OLTP with high availability, scalability and performance; solid hands-on experience with distributed DB products in mainstream Cloud environment like AliCloud DRDS or GCP spanner;

Extensive experience in big data acquisition, pre-processing, storage, and cleansing
technologies including Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn,..), Kafka, Sqoop, Spark, Flink and etc;

Experience with programming languages: Java, Python or Shell;

Knowledge of Graph Database like Neo4j is a plus;

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