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Communication Development Specialist

Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality - Explore location Marketing & Communication Full Time

Job description


1. Proven advanced training in communications or equivalent
2. 2-5 years of experience in internal or external communications
3. Experience in project and event management
4. Experience with leading in change
5. Demonstrable writing, visual and web design skills
6. Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skill


• Support to build and lead China co-worker communication and engagement approach
• Actively connect and work interdependently with the Ingka Centres global co-worker engagement &
change communication team to align the China-specific internal communications approach with the
Global Co-worker communication/engagement strategy;
1) Share and communicate latest global and strategic information within organization;
2) Develop and implement internal communications according to agreed strategy & channels
networking & bridging;
3) Support / check with translations when necessary;
• Support to build and lead the China-specific co-worker communication plan and activity.
1) Define, plan, create, implement and follow up on internal communications and local events;
2) Create togetherness and sense of belongings and engage China co-workers for business
common goals by gathering good stories and best practice;
• Secure effective and efficient use of existing co-worker communication channels and, as needed,
develop new channels to facilitate campaigns and projects.
1) Secure information flow through the organizations about direction and priorities; Plan and
implement co-worker engagement activities;
2) Actively push for improvement of content creation and co-worker engagement, based on
trends in communication and the latest developments within the communication field;
• Support communication competence development within the Communication Domain, within the
communication network and across Centres organization.
• Support the alignment and communication between the communication team and meeting places.


Our team is the voice of IKEA. We use words, pictures and videos to tell the story about IKEA, to build our brand and inspire people with our offer. We bounce ideas back and forth, we challenge each other and we are crazy passionate about communication. Of course we’re also the ones who make sure to keep all our fellow co-workers informed, engaged and connected in a constantly changing business environment.