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Construction Project Manager-IKEA Oficinas Centrales

Real Estate & Leasing Full Time

Job description

Why we will love you

Negotiating: Explores alternatives to reach outcomes acceptable to all parties.

Driving innovation: Stimulates creative ideas and perspectives that add value.

Decision making: Uses sound judgment to make timely and effective decisions.

Demonstrating stamina: Shows job commitment and consistently strives to complete tasks and assignments at work.

Taking smart risks: Evaluates trade-offs between potential costs and benefits and acts accordingly.

Managing resources: Coordinates people and financial capital, material and (digital) information to maximise efficiency and performance.
Key previous experiences and proven skills:
• Academic degree in engineering or equivalent working experience
• 5 years of experience in contracting and/or consulting and/or owners role involving construction projects
• MEP equipment & systems speciality preferred
• Experience within the retail sector is an advantage
• Previous experience of procurement processes and contract negotiations
• Previous experience of construction management on site
• Proven skills in developing people and provide support, coaching, training, and career direction to others
• Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English
• Fluent Spanish is a must
• Preferable knowledge of Ingka construction standards and investment procedures

What you'll be doing day to day

Business risk management: Knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment.

Project management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project.

Construction management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, organize, execute and manage the construction of Ingka properties according to the latest Ingka standards.

Software relevant for Construction: Knowledge of tools for timeline management (e.g. MS Project), document management (e.g CAD manual, Projectplace, Hummingbird), design management (e.g. AutoCad for 2D or Revit, Navisworks fro 3D), and other common software (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point).

Cost control: Knowledge of how to implement a budget starting from the Land IR, till the final cost estimate and later on the CFU (Cost Follow Up); included the knowledge of appropriate tools, Cost Groups, cost benchmarking and how to recognize and prevent any deviation.

Timeline management: Knowledge of how to set a realistic timeline for a construction site, and how to recognize and prevent any deviation.

Construction Procurement and Market: Knowledge of the internal procurement procedures in regards to construction activities within the project, included the knowledge of the local construction market.

Permission process: Knowledge of local and national authority permission process in regards to design and construction activities throughout the project development, included the knowledge of processes, ways of working, rules etc..

Construction market, development & trends: Knowledge of the local and national construction standards, codes and rules, including their cost drivers and structures.

Construction HSE (Health, Safety and Environment): Knowledge of how to create a safe construction site and environment for all the site people that is compliant with IKEA Way of Working (IWAY) and national safety and environment standards.

Property safety: Knowledge of requirements (company specific and
local/national) in providing a structurally safe property, equipped with life safety & property protection systems (e.g. fire protection systems).

Quality management in construction: Knowledge of internal requirements, methods and tools to set up and secure quality during design and construction work throughout the project development and during the warranty period (post-project).

Construction contracts and legal issues: Knowledge of Ingka and local construction and design contract types, with their relevant attachment, included a basic knowledge of the most common legal issues and claims, throughout the project development and during the warranty period (post-project).

Sustainable construction: Knowledge about BREEAM and LEED including evaluation of low impact construction materials.

Apply now!

Please apply with your resume and cover letter written in English, no later than 27th of november.
Warmly welcome with your application!