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Chef de service Recouvrement

Saint-Laurent, Quebec Quality & Lean Full Time

Job description


Extensive knowledge in optimising recovery revenue. Good knowledge of IKEA store functions and how they contribute to the recovery and quality process. Possess good insights into business navigation and a deep understanding for how recovery and quality contributes effectively to the bottom line. Extensive knowledge of the processes and administrative routines for recovery and quality, and how transfer types affect the key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the Recovery department. Extensive knowledge of the processes related to quality and sustainability within the store. Good level of competence regarding co-worker management and development. An understanding of change management and process improvements. Good understanding of merchandising techniques and how to create a commercially attractive As-Is area.


Co-operate across funtions to ensure everyone understands and contributes to the recovery process by focusing on prevention, revenue, sustainablity and quality. Take a lead in ensuring that prevention is one of the key focus points in the IKEA store. Identify and develop needs, potential growth and improvements for efficient ways of working through co-operation within the store, the national Recovery & Quality matrix and the Q-store. Contribute to the business plan and budget processes within the store. Set goals, measurements and constantly strive for improving the ability of the store to perform daily tasks in accordance with set rules and guidelines, and find the best working methods for preventing costs and optimising revenue while keeping the bottom-line profit in mind. Implement and continuously ensure optimal usage of common working methods, processes and tools related to the recovery process. Stay aware of daily needs and challenges through interactions with dependent functions, the Business Navigation & Operations Manager and the national Recovery & Quality matrix. Secure sustainable ways of working throughout the whole recovery process. Identify and develop the many talents within the Recovery department to secure succession planning. Contribute in the national Recovery & Quality matrix to enable knowledge and competence sharing between stores.


To contribute to the success of the IKEA business through efficient and effective operations with focus on preventing costs and maximising profit on products that cannot be sold through our normal pipeline. This work is carried out with the possible environmental impact in mind and always takes the customer's quality perception on our range into consideration. The function also ensures that any feedback on quality issues from a retail and customer point of view is taken into the product quality deviation pipeline.

Bilingual candidat Must be available on weekends and evenings IKEA Montreal internal candidates will be considered in priority