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Manager Développement Durable F/H

Plaisir, Île-de-France Region - Explore location Business Development Full Time

Job description


Inspired by our vision "to create a better everyday life for the many people", you have a passion for sustainability, and you are highly motivated about making IKEA People and Planet Positive. You have a strong desire to lead business and people as well as sharing and living the IKEA culture and values.

To be successful in this role you need proven advanced training in Sustainability (or other relevant area), and a minimum of 5 years of senior experience from working with strategic sustainability and/or business leadership, together with minimum 10 years of work experience, preferably within IKEA (understanding how to make things happen). You should have experience with leading in change, and previous exposure to both external and internal business leadership together with strong documented leadership skills. You have knowledge of IKEA Brand, culture, values and way of working, and preferably a retail market experience.

You have knowledge in following areas:

•thorough knowledge of how to create and implement change initiatives and manage stakeholders in IKEA
•thorough knowledge of how to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project
•in depth knowledge of how to balance and merge environmental, social and economic aspects to define sustainability and how IKEA uses that knowledge in striving to make business within the limits of the planet
•in depth knowledge of the IKEA Concept, Brand positioning and Culture & Values
•in depth knowledge of the relevant IKEA business processes, tools and cycles
•good knowledge on relevant sustainability topics within the specific market area
•good knowledge of how to transform our operations to become climate positive and contribute to a circular society
•good knowledge of how to craft, describe, (respond to) and share information through the use of narratives to build trust, inspire and create an emotional connection to an audience with courage, joy and care
•good knowledge of the possibilities to activate sales and the use of the commercial calendar and relevant associated store activities
•emerging knowledge of the different challenges faced by the different local communities where we are present and what IKEA can do to empower communities
•emerging knowledge of how to analyse (sustainability) data from digital sources to gain insights of IKEA customers for business purposes and decision making

In addition to this you know how to direct effort to achieve long-term business objectives, and champion new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance. You provide guidance and feedback to maximise performance of individuals and/or groups, and build and maintain a system of strategic business connections. In dealing with ambiguity you comfortably handle unclear or unpredictable situations with strong interpersonal, and excellent communication skills.


As a Sustainability Manager you will provide strategic and dynamic leadership working through and across the business to facilitate the delivery of the Ingka sustainability, People & Planet Positive Strategy across the entire organisation to enable the ongoing transformation and growth of the IKEA business. You will also be the local sustainability spokesperson both internally and externally on behalf of Ingka to create strong movement towards reaching our sustainability ambitions and goal with excellent communication skills.

You will:

•be overall responsible for the integration and implementation of the sustainability People & Planet Positive strategy, through clearly defined accountabilities and responsibilities in the business and supporting as a competent business partner, while securing local relevance
•be the voice of sustainability, and by understanding consumers in the market, work across the business where decisions are made to set the People & Planet Positive requirements on the total country organisation, empowering others to deliver
•integrate the sustainability agenda across all markets, customer meeting points, stores and units
•apply approved methods and tools from Group Sustainability to connect with relevant SO functions to all units to coach, guide and mentor in closing the performance gap
•work with others to help solve the challenges of the business with both a growth and purpose driven mind-set
•secure country adaption of the global direction and ambitions. Develop and continually maintain an outside-in perspective, following and listening for trends, topics and future thinking
•co-create in the conception, exploration and business case development projects in partnership with Group Sustainability, or when needed, drive country specific development projects
•create and maintain a performance culture across the whole organisation
•be an effective external and internal spokesperson, participate in advocacy activities, events, networking and empower others (e.g. country and store managers) to become sustainability spokespersons
•secure positive impact on local communities where IKEA operates through deep understanding of the local communities and co-creating with identified key local stakeholders
•empower and engage all co-workers in creating a new IKEA with sustainability at the core by working together with the sustainability matrix, contributing and sharing key learnings
•*Where applicable based on the size of the market – to lead a team of Sustainability Business Partners and based on relevant business cases time limited Project Leader(s)
•**Where applicable and defined by Group Sustainability, larger countries to support smaller neighbouring countries with scale, resources and/or content
• French notions


Some would call us idealists who want to change the world, but we are firm believers that we actually can have a positive impact on people, society and planet. We put our heads together to solve the big questions: how IKEA products can become circular by using material and resources in the best way, how to improve the lives of the people who create our products, and how IKEA can benefit the communities where we operate.