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Maintenance Technician 维修技术员

Nantong, Jiangsu - Explore location Engineering & Technology Full Time

Job description

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Job description

  1. Perform diversified duties to install and maintain production machines, equipment and plant facilities through the work order system. 履行各种职责,通过工单系统安装和维护生产机器、设备和工厂设施。
  2. Develop and maintain plans based on operator opportunity logs.根据操作员记录开发和维持计划。
  3. Provide emergency/unscheduled repairs of production machines and/or equipment during production hours. 在生产时间内对生产机器和/或设备进行紧急/不定期维修。
  4. Use the Tekla T7 system to get working plan or working order, and make report after complete it. 使用Tekla T7系统以获得工作计划和工作指令,并且在完成后作出报告。
  5. Perform simple machinist duties and responsibilities. 执行简单的机修工职责和责任。
  6. Use problem solving elements to diagnose problems, replace or repair parts, test and make any adjustments needed. Ability to track repeat problems and ensure a follow up process that will address the root cause. 利用问题解决要素诊断问题,更换或修理零配件,测试并进行必要的调整。具备跟踪重复发生的问题,确保跟进程序进而解决问题根本原因的能力。
  7. Perform mechanic skills including, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, troubleshooting and regular repair of production machine. 执行机修技能,包括机械、电气、气动、液压方面的故障检修,以及生产机器的定期检修。
  8. Detect faulty operations, material and report to Maintenance Manager. 检测错误操作和材料,并且报告给维修经理。
  9. Complete task as assign in timely manner and comply with all safety regulations. 及时完成分配的任务,并且遵守所有的安全守则。
  10. Drive continuous improvements through Lean. Identify and implement initiatives. 通过精益生产进行持续改善。确定和实施措施。
  11. Consistently follow the vision and values of IKEA. 始终遵循宜家的愿景和价值观
  12. Actively participates in assigned teams and/ or projects as needed. 如有必要,积极参与指定的团队和/或项目。
  13. Fully follow the maintenance process. 完全遵循维修程序。
  14. Read, analyze and interpret documents such as work orders, equipment manuals, maintenance instructions, blue prints, safety rules, procedure manuals, etc. 阅读,分析和解释文件,如工作订单,设备说明书,维修说明书,图纸,安全规则,程序手册等等。
  15. Other work assigned from Manager. 上级安排的其他工作。