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Safety and Security Team Leader

Mumbai, Maharashtra - Explore location Health & Safety Full Time

Job description


'- An understanding of business processes and customer needs to be able to improve the business constantly.
- Demonstrate Leadership by Example.
- Knowledge of relevant safety and security processes, tools and working methods according to the work focus.
- Knowledge of national and local legal requirements.
- Ability to work independently and reliably on agreed safety and security actions.
- Good communication and documentation skills in dealings with various levels of management.
- Good social skills and open accessibility.
- Highly perceptive with the ability to implement requests at short notice.
- Ability to plan effectively, influence others and follow up on changes implemented.
-- Passion for achieving results throughout the organization
- Motivation to interact with people at all levels of the organization


Protect IKEA co-workers, customers and assets from preventable loss, injury or illness within the store in order to support the IKEA objectives: leader in life at home, growth and long-term profitability, "a better IKEA".
- Be a valued business partner who drives for sustainable solutions and improves the profit of the store without jeopardizing the desired level of IKEA safety and security.
- Ensure compliance with the IKEA Safety and Security Manual, IKEA rules and guidelines, and national and local legal requirements.
- Ensure a safe and secure environment for co-workers and customers through training, audits, inspections and follow up. This tasks includes ensuring that all safety and security systems are fully functional at all times to meet IKEA standards and national/local legal requirements.
Meet the desired level of IKEA safety and security by achieving positive results during SecCheck and insurance inspections.
- Co-ordinate with the store's Crisis Management Team and management for the handling of any emergency cases and provide appropriate action according to the IKEA Crisis Management rules.
- Complete incident reporting and logging into IRS, monthly analysis of incident trends, reports to management and departments of trends and investigation into the cause of trends.
- Maximize the store's profit by working actively to reduce operational incidents of loss by managing insurance reports and claims, reducing fraud, and securing and protecting IKEA assets.
- Improve sales, the IKEA Customer Satisfaction Index and IKEA Market Capital results by partnering with business store stakeholders to ensure inventory accuracy, effective theft prevention and managing peak traffic.
- Work in partnership with the management team to tackle sensitive issues, including, but not limited to, harassment, co-worker misconduct, information security and lawsuits.


Ensure that Risk Management Process awareness and understanding is across all of the IKEA store functions.
Provide support to various levels of management in order to:
- Ensure a healthy, safe and secure environment for visitors, customers and co-workers.
- Strengthen the IKEA Brand and protect IKEA assets.
- Maintain an overall level of risk awareness and safe control culture.
- Maintain compliance with internal IKEA demands and external legal demands.