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Customer Relations Team Leader

Mumbai, Maharashtra Customer Relations Full Time

Job description


Self-reliant and motivated with a proven ability to work as part of a larger team Ability to prioritize and organize work and the work of others in order to make the most efficient use of the time available Ability to plan staffing needs according to the customer flow Experience of working in a high volume and fast-paced retail environment Experience of working in a multi-tasking environment Experience of working with other functions Experience of actively meeting customer needs through understanding customers in a service industry Emotional resilience and ability to handle conflict (assertive and able to remain calm when confronted with challenging situations) Strong communication skills with the ability to adjust the style of communication to get the message across to the receiver Confident decision-maker with common sense and attention to detail Ability to read and understand written English Good analytical skills


Customers My priority is to ensure our customers consistently enjoy a positive and successful shopping experience. I do this by: • Keeping my areas of responsibility in shape as new. • Keeping my work areas efficiently equipped at all times during trading hours. • Ensuring co-workers are available and ready to help by putting customers before work tasks. • Empowering co-workers through knowledge, confidence, trust, authority and motivation so they are always ready to support customers in the best way possible. • Always being available to deal positively and quickly with issues raised by customers thereby supporting my co-workers when they cannot resolve a need. • Spending as much of my working time as possible in my area of responsibility, supporting and coaching my co-workers to ensure customers leave with a positive impression of the IKEA store and want to come back and shop more frequently with us. • Leading by example in terms of customer focus, co-operation with other departments, simplicity and giving and taking responsibility to optimise our customers’ experience in my unit. • Following up on the department action plan and taking action to ensure we are continually focused on achieving the agreed goals. • Ensuring my IKEA store is a safe and secure environment at all times for visitors and co-workers. Commercial/Business • I optimise the relationship with our customers in order to increase customer satisfaction thereby driving sales growth and sustained long-term profitability. • I actively seek, and act on, customer feedback in order to make continuous improvements to our service. • I understand the importance of accurate stock inventory and coach my team to also have this awareness and work with it in their daily roles. • I work with my manager and my team to identify the root cause of recurring problems. We then agree and implement improved ways of working and following up to ensure we have been successful in resolving such problems for future customers. Where appropriate I work with my colleagues in other functions to implement changes that will improve our customers’ satisfaction. • I understand the IKEA Concept and share my knowledge of it with my team. I also ensure that they are aware and have access to the appropriate Inter IKEA Systems manuals and other education tools to help maximise our customers’ shopping experience. • I contribute to my department action plan and take ownership for my part in its delivery. People • Through my own example, I actively work to secure the IKEA culture by maintaining specific focus on togetherness, simplicity, constantly being on the way, cost consciousness and accepting and delegating responsibility. • I ensure the right number of co-workers is in the right place at the right time to serve our customers and run the department successfully. • I am readily available to help and support colleagues when needed. • I work together with other functions to continuously improve the shopping experience for our customers in order to drive sustained long-term profitability. • I value other colleagues’ ways of working and I learn from those who work differently to me because I understand we are most effective when we work together and amplify each other’s efforts. • I share my knowledge with my colleagues and encourage them to do the same. • I keep my colleagues informed so that they can perform their roles effectively. • I am responsible for my own development and look to my manager to support me in improving my competence. Financial • I know the Customer Relations action plan and support the goals and targets given to me by my manager, which ensures the effective execution of our action plan. • I know our daily and weekly service targets and this drives me to improve our service delivery. • I have an overview of the store action plan and understand how the Customer Relations action plan supports this. • I constantly monitor our performance against agreed goals, adapting and taking action when required. • I understand the impact of my actions on the financial results of my area and know which results I have influence over and how to balance this with the needs of customers. • I follow cash handling procedures to ensure money handling is securely managed. • I look for more effective ways of working to reduce costs.


To drive sales growth and sustained long-term profitability by establishing and retaining a life-long relationship with existing and new customers. This is achieved by working in partnership with our customers and other store functions to: • secure an easy buying process from home to home, and • understand and match customers’ needs and expectations now and in the future. The aim is to motivate our customers to shop with us more frequently because they trust us to make their shopping experiences successful and their visits worthwhile. Every customer counts.