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User Experience Specialist

Malmö, Sweden - Explore location Design & Product Development Full time

Job description

The goal of IPEX - IKEA Planning experience is to support and empower customers to find their personal best home furnishing solutions. We run and develop digital solutions used by customers and co-workers enabling them to design homes and home furnishing solutions for the entire IKEA range for all IKEA retailers. Part of our portfolio are planning solutions for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Storage solutions, Beds... Our next big step ahead will be to enable customers to design their full homes.  

Our customers should experience an inspiring, fun, simple and rewarding planning journey based on their needs and preferences. Our co-workers and service partners should experience a fun, efficient and unbroken sales process.  

The solutions and capabilities we develop are an integral part of the entire seamless buying and selling experience and a key contributor to converting visitors into happy customers and to engaging with our customers from the start. Utilizing data around and about our products to create more personalized experiences is an integral part of the work we do.  

IPEX deliver solutions to all IKEA retailers spanning over 50 markets worldwide and over 400 stores and IKEAs digital channels. All solutions are made to help customers and co-workers in all customer meetings, from a mobile phone to the largest IKEA store in the world. 

Being a UX Specialist in the IPEX team  

As a User Experience Specialist in the IKEA Planning experience, you will be:

  • driving end-to-end UX practices and methods across a multitude of initiatives and products. 
  • ensure planning experiences are seamless and delightful during the full customer journey, over all buying touchpoints and in an omnichannel landscape. 
  • Experiences should be beneficial for the business, bring value early in the process and at a global scale. 
  • created experiences should be inviting, surprising, and inspirational for the customers and co-workers. 
  • It is vital that validation and testing is an integral part of the UX work, from guerrilla testing to full scale moderated user test as well as quantitative surveys and A/B testing to enable data for user experience insights. 
  • involve all parts of the process from research, hypothesis, wireframes, prototyping, up to polished designs. 
  • An important ability is to work close with the developers in agile teams to build and review a finished design. 

To be successful in this role 

  • Have experience in visual design, interaction design, and service design thinking. 
  • You have concrete work examples on how you practice what you preach and are up to date on the impact of today’s UX approach across digital and physical. You have a strong point of view where this field is going. 
  • Your attitude is data aware; you embrace measurability in what you do. 
  • You actively work across disciplines and see yourself as the glue between business value, user needs and technical feasibility, bringing everyone together towards a common goal.  
  • A strong interest in retail, home furnishing and people’s everyday life at home. 
  • A good understanding of customer and co-worker needs in a buying and selling process. And to be able to fulfil a delightful experience with IKEA - every time. 
  • You enjoy an agile and iterative, yet structured way of working and achieving results together with a team in a flexible environment, but you also have a strong individual drive to deliver high quality results, on time. 
  • You have good communication and networking skills and are fluent in written and spoken English. 

Travelling based on business needs will be necessary. 

More Information

Is this the challenge for you?  

The position is placed in Malmö and might require some long-distance travelling. If you are having questions regarding the process, contact Recruitment Specialist Jamila on

Please submit a portfolio of your work together with a resume, either as a link or as a PDF, so that we can get to know your work. Applications with a portfolio is mandatory. 

GROWING TOGETHER IKEA of Sweden is a vibrant culture where ideas are heard, where there is opportunity to learn new skills and where the goal always is "to create a better everyday life for the many people". We give down-to-earth, straightforward people the possibility to grow, both as individuals and in their professional roles. We offer this position in a fast paced, truly global environment with an endless supply of challenges and development opportunities.