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Agile Team Coach - Group Communication

Malmö, Skåne County - Explore location Marketing & Communication Full Time

Job description


You are passionate about creating change and being a strong driving force in transforming teams and organisations to thrive with the help of an agnostic agile mindset and toolbox. You are an agile believer and practitioner at heart, and you love to inspire, educate, and help implement agile at all levels – from individuals to teams and whole organisations at scale.

You have the ability to lead, coach, motivate, and influence teams particularly in complex and challenging environments, and lead the way by sharing best examples, principles and practices from other agile practitioners and methodologies. You also have strong problem-solving skills, are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, and are able to navigate through blockers and obstacles. Furthermore, you have good communication skills, and you have the ability to clearly inform, educate, and communicate with different sizes of audiences and channels.

For this role, we believe you have an expert level of understanding of agile ways of working for teams, and preferably also insights and experiences from how agile is being adopted in other sectors than IT, software development, and digital environments – for example, in Marketing, Communication, or other relevant areas. You also have good knowledge of how to implement agile at scale, including how to manage cultural, behavioral, and value changes.

In your role, you feel confident as an agile practitioner and have extensive knowledge of the modern agile landscape of methodologies and schools of thought.

Further, what you need:
•Minimum of 3 years of coaching and mentoring teams in agile ways of working in both theory and practice, and preferably some of it in other areas than IT, software, and digital organisations.
•Demonstrated ability to lead and coach a team of people – strong leadership skills.
•Proven experience in working with several agile frameworks and methodologies.
•Proven experience in using agile collaboration and planning tools.


As an Agile Team Coach in Group Communication, you are part of a small team that is spearheading a change journey for the organisation as a whole and helping it to adopt an agile mindset, principles, and practices on all levels.

You will together with the team be responsible to define and implement state-of-the-art, agnostic agile ways of working in teams and Group Communication as a whole – with the purpose of optimising the business agility across the organisation.

You are providing expert knowledge about agile, and love to optimise efficiency and effectiveness for the benefit of the business, customers, and co-workers. You spend much of your time with one or several teams and help them elevate to become a high-performing team with motivated individuals that are happily engaged in their work.

Some of your main responsibilities include:
•Being responsible for providing coaching, guidance, and training towards co-workers within teams in Group Communication, as well as other stakeholders in the wider organisation, to adopt, implement, and improve agile ways of working.
•Being responsible for day-to-day agile ways of working in one or several teams.
•Being responsible for ensuring collaboration and alignment among teams to secure engagement around shared business values and organisational objectives.
•Help building an internal community of agile champions and ambassadors within Group Communication that share information, skills, and learnings with a wider network in the IKEA universe.
•Help to implement relevant measurements and data-driven follow-ups of agile development activities in Group Communication.

This role is an open-ended contract and will be located in Malmö, Sweden.


Our team is the voice of IKEA. We use words, pictures, and videos to tell the story about IKEA, to build our brand, and inspire people with our offer. We bounce ideas back and forth; we challenge each other, and we are crazy passionate about communication. Of course, we are also the ones who make sure to keep all our co-workers informed, engaged, and connected in a constantly changing business environment.


If you have any questions regarding the position, please do not hesitate to contact the Hiring Manager, Tobias Nilsson at If you have any questions about the recruitment process please contact the Recruiter, Julia Schnittger at

We look forward to receiving your application and will review candidates continuously, so please submit your application as soon as possible but no later than the 29th of May 2022.