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Climate Positive Programme Manager

Khimki, Moscow Oblast - Explore location Real Estate & Leasing Full Time

Job description


•Academic degree (or similar training) in Energy Management, Electrical or Mechanical engineering or other relevant business or technical area
•3- 5 years of experience of managing and procuring contracts preferable within the retail sector
•Project management experience including use of project management tools
•Experience in Managing and selling/procuring electricity (with a preference for renewable electricity) is vital
•Experience in both Asset Management and information management applied to the electricity industry
•Experience of working with manufacturers in the RE industry as well as service providers
•Experience in different operational and maintenance strategy for RE power plants
•Good knowledge in the principles of electricity sales, trading and supply practices, including ‘green’ support mechanisms and guarantees of origin in several markets
•Experience in optimising retail buildings, this includes identification and implementation of energy efficiency measures, both CAPEX and operational
•Experience in creating concise and accurate business cases
•Prior implementation of HS&E policies, plans and working procedures
•Good knowledge in designing and using information systems to collect and analyse operations and finance data
•Detailed knowledge about renewable energy transition and improving energy efficiency in the real estate sector
•Good knowledge of the following:
- HVAC, Wind/solar PV generator construction and operation methods
- Energy and Building Management Systems design, operation and verification
- Methods to coordinate and optimise operations across sites and business units Ingka and IKEA core businesses and the external markets
•Very good knowledge how to balance and merge environmental, social and economic aspects to define sustainability and how IKEA uses that knowledge in striving to make business within the limits of the planet
•Good knowledge of Business risk management
•Good knowledge of how to implement a budget
•Very good knowledge of IKEAs corporate identity, core values and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people, to ensure right representation
•Good knowledge of the governing and legal structure of the energy sector
•International experience and understanding of cultural differences.
•Proven skills in developing people and provide support, coaching, training, and career direction to others
•Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English


•Within the area of Climate Positive Program lead, manage and develop the team to secure a high performing team
•Lead and coordinate the implementation/realization of the Russian Climate Positive Strategy as approved by Ingka Russia
•Create and review reports about energy production, consuming assets operations and financial affairs to relevant stakeholders at country level and global level, and initiate projects to improve or protect their value
•Secure compliance of real estate assets’ technical, contractual, legal, insurance and sustainability rules, regulations, policies and guidelines related to energy and Ingka’s consumption and on-site production of electricity.
•Create and lead country wide energy management strategy, in-line with cluster/global guideline
•Identify and implement energy saving tools and projects, including onsite generation
•Build and maintain effective relationships with key technology suppliers, developers and external consultants
•Secure growth of the Ingka Group renewable energy investment portfolio and support other Ingka Group activities
•Lead the development in the Cluster of how to engage with main stakeholders in the projects to find cost efficient and innovative project delivery
•Identify best for IKEA sourcing options and procurement strategies in cooperation with Procurement, this includes support in the energy purchasing process
•Optimize, innovate and develop the best for project methods in cooperation with Engineering
•Ensure that external partners have up-to-date awareness and understanding of all frameworks, guidelines and initiatives issued by Ingka Real Estate
•Secure that project budget estimates and time schedules are in place for input to investment approval processes
•Create an environment where the IKEA culture is a strong and living reality that embraces the diversity of co-workers and customers


As engaged, open minded and curious experts in all parts of the Real Estate business we take responsibility for the real estate business at Ingka Group as a trustworthy, appreciated and wanted business partner. We secure new and maintain existing physical locations in order to meet the needs of the many people. We provide strategic insight based on our knowledge and understanding of the Ingka Real Estate portfolio. We take the lead in delivering safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions – with Democratic design and life cycle cost on top of our mind. We actively maintain and secure that our properties are kept in relevant shape for the business.
Lead and coordinate the Climate Positive Program and lead people to decrease the environmental efficiency gaps and increase the effectiveness deficiency in areas such as renewable heating and cooling, energy efficiency, on-site and off-site generation and related tenants’ management.
Work together with relevant stakeholders in local energy markets to deliver the Climate Positive Strategy for Ingka Russia and contribute to the Group goals on renewable energy.


Hiring Manager - Mark Curtis