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Senior Software Engineer within People Domain, Group Digital, INGKA Group

Helsingborg, Sweden - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full time

Job description

Who you are

Here at IKEA, we are looking to hire passionate engineers, excited about technology and innovative ways of working to shape the future of IKEA. In People Planning you will be part of a team that operates continuously and develops our solutions used in 20+ countries as well as implement solutions for new countries. With several solutions; it requires the team to develop country-specific APIs to our library in order to fulfill our decoupled architecture, thus we safeguard the standard and parameterization for the new landscape.

You have a passion for technology, you welcome change and you love to learn. As a person, you are innovative and work towards putting modern architecture and requirements into place. It suits you to work cross-functionally both independently and interdependently, with the support of a vast software engineering network and agile methods.

The IKEA culture and values are very much a part of our business and day-to-day work life. For you to thrive and grow with IKEA it’s important for us that you share our values! You can read more about our values and life at IKEA on our website

•Formal qualifications in computer science, software engineering, or any engineering equivalent
•Minimum 7 years of professional experience as a software engineer with a similar level of experience in the specific tech stack for the area
•Minimum 5 years experience working in agile/iterative software development teams with a DevOps working setup and with an emphasis on self-organization and delivery to agreed commitments.
•Demonstrable experience with cloud computing environments
•Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
•Preferred: Knowledge of the IKEA Brand, culture, values, and way of working
This comes naturally to you:
•Ability to encourage simplicity, efficiency, ownership, and accountability
•Ability to actively acquire new knowledge and skills and champion new methods, digital systems, and processes to improve performance
•Ability to lead in a change of direction as appropriate based on new ideas, approaches, and strategies
•Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate, network, and build strong relations with team members and stakeholders
•Strong ability to communicate technical concepts and processes clearly at an appropriate level to a wide range of audiences, including team members, stakeholders, and suppliers
•Ability to understand the complexity of IKEA business and the role of technology as an integrated part of the business
To succeed in the role, we see that you have:
•Proven experience as a senior developer with demonstrable proficiency in at least one programming language
•Advanced understanding of software engineering principles and demonstrable experience in the application of software design patterns to real use cases
•Strong analytical skills, experience in debugging, code optimization, test
•Experience working in agile/iterative software development teams and agile development practices.
•Strong knowledge of design and architecture concepts (i.e., microservices)
•Experience in different testing tools and frameworks
•Knowledge of coaching techniques, with demonstrated history of mentoring team members including technical knowledge transfer, peer programming, and agile ways of working.
•A big plus is a verifiable code contribution to open-source projects
•Good knowledge of IKEA’s corporate identity, core values, and vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people

A day in your life with us

We expect you to be tech agnostic. You should feel comfortable working with a variety of technologies. Experience with cloud-native app development on GCP – you have a good understanding of cloud storage, databases, and serverless and you understand how to use cloud-native in production.

Our tech stack consists of (but not limited to):
•Our mindset for design and process includes ETL, API 1st mindset, REST API design and event-based architecture.
•Onprem and Cloud, primarily based on Google Cloud Platform as well as OpenShift and Azure.
•Services such as Cloud Functions
•SQL/NoSQL stores, Dataflow and Pub Sub are used to create data hubs that will promote data democratization across Ingka.
•Among others, PostgreSQL is used as database.
•Java, JavaScript/Node.js and Python is used as backend/APIs/Microservices for homegrown solutions.
•For the front end we use ReactJS among others for homegrown solutions and on-top applications for bought solutions such as Dell Boomi.
•We use Terraform and Cloud Build to create fully automated CI/CD pipelines.
•Work is planned, tracked, and documented using primarily Jira/Confluence and our code is versioned in GIT.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will Lead the transformation of modernizing the digital landscape by designing, developing, and delivering high-quality software and engineering to support consumers across Ingka and Inter-IKEA Systems to be more efficient and reach many people. Lead and coach engineers, promote modern software engineering principles, and proper tools, and increase automation to enable the specified business outcomes and create a strong software ecosystem for IKEA’s digital products and business.

You will be:
•Responsible for developing, running, monitoring, and supporting software for the assigned Product or Service using the right toolsets required and applying Ingka Software Security Directives, in order to deliver according to requirements and compliance
•Synchronize software design and architecture by aligning with stakeholders in order to ensure expected outcomes
•Lead and promote good software engineering practices within an agile/iterative development approach in order to improve time to market and fulfill business needs
•Onboard, coach, and mentor engineers in order to secure transfer of competence and a high-performing team
•Design and educate other engineers in ways of working, encouraging good practices to meet consumer expectations on Product or Service delivery
•Take responsibility for cooperation and alignment with key stakeholders within Ingka and Inter-IKEA Systems with interdependencies towards Group Digital to develop Product/Service design and technical roadmaps
•Lead and coach in change activities in different environments in order to secure functionality and availability
•Identify, continuously explore and evaluate new technologies and benchmark against industry standards, in order to boost innovation and productivity for optimization/modifications to the current design
•Produce all required design specifications and ensure that Products or Services are aligned, by leading team members and working closely together cross-functions to ensure end-to-end business delivery
•Oversee the various Products or Services being developed, within the area, including code reviews to ensure technical feasibility and that solutions are optimized for speed, scalability, and reusability
•Drive the development of different engineering patterns for different types of Products and Services by working across initiatives within the Ingka Group
•Proactively manage relevant organizational processes, to drive an intended outcome

We set the digital agenda to keep IKEA leading in an uncertain and fast-moving environment. We drive the development, provision, and operation of our digital products and services through the use of new and existing technology and agile delivery methods to deliver at pace. At the same time, we provide a home for digital skills to both develop and extend the technical, people, and business skills needed to ensure continuous development and growth of our digital capability.

Questions and support? Let's connect!

The position is placed in Helsingborg.
Welcome with your application! If you have any questions regarding the position, please do not hesitate to contact the hiring manager: Juan Medina
If you have questions regarding the recruitment process or other practicalities, please get in touch with

Please note that we will be interviewing continuously. We look forward to hearing from you!