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Construction Project Manager, Mixed Use Projects - Delhi

Gurgaon, Haryana Real Estate & Leasing Full Time

Job description


You are innovative with a passion for doing business and delivering results within a given framework. You are service minded and costumer driven with a desire to lead business and people together. You have an academic degree in engineering or equivalent working experience where you have gathered several years of experience in contracting and/or consulting and/or owners role involving construction projects. You bring previous experience in both procurement processes, contract negotiations and construction management on site. You have knowledge in following: • Business risk management: Knowledge of how to assess and mitigate risks in a business environment. • Project & construction management: Knowledge of how to initiate, plan, execute, organize, manage, control and close a project. • Software relevant for Construction: Knowledge of tools for timeline management document management, design management and other common software (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point) • Cost control: Knowledge of how to implement a budget starting from the Land IR, till the final cost estimate and later on the CFU (Cost Follow Up); included the knowledge of appropriate tools, Cost Groups, cost benchmarking and how to recognize and prevent any deviation • Timeline management: Knowledge of how to set a realistic timeline for a construction site, and how to recognize and prevent any deviation • Construction Procurement and Market: Knowledge of the internal procurement procedures in regards to construction activities within the project, included the knowledge of the local construction market • Permission process: Knowledge of local and national authority permission process in regards to design and construction activities throughout the project development, included the knowledge of processes, ways of working, rules etc. • Construction market, development & trends: Knowledge of the local and national construction standards, codes and rules, including their cost drivers and structures. • Construction HSE (Health, Safety and Environment): Knowledge of how to create a safe construction site and environment for all the site people that is compliant with IKEA Way of Working (IWAY) and national safety and environment standards. • Property safety: Knowledge of requirements (company specific and local/national) in providing a structurally safe property, equipped with life safety & property protection systems (e.g. fire protection systems) • Quality management in construction: Knowledge of internal requirements, methods and tools to set up and secure quality during design and construction work • Construction contracts and legal issues: Knowledge of Ingka and local construction and design contract types, with their relevant attachment, included a basic knowledge of the most common legal issues and claims • Sustainable construction: Knowledge about BREEAM and LEED including evaluation of low impact construction materials You are also a natural negotiator that explores alternatives to reach outcomes acceptable to all parties. You get energized by driving innovations and managing resources to maximise efficiency and performance. You have the ability to evaluate trade-offs between potential costs and benefits and act accordingly.


You will lead and manage all construction aspects of a specific building project from start to finish to secure delivery of a safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solution based on business needs. You will: • Participate and contribute in the development in the Cluster of how to engage with designers and contractors in the projects to continuously find cost efficient and innovative project delivery. • Work and engage closely with Procurement to identify best for IKEA procurement strategies. Work and engage closely with Engineering to optimize, innovate and develop the best for project methods for design-construct interaction • Ensure Health and Safety including IWAY compliance • Ensure that external partners has up-to-date awareness and understanding of all Construction frameworks, guidelines and initiatives issued by Ingka Real Estate • Secure that project budget estimates and time schedules are in place • Secure that procurement, contractors, permits, budgets and cost follow up are in place for the project • Provide technical and cost input to internal Ingka partners in the project process • ensure satisfactory hand-over of completed areas for retail build-up in accordance with an agreed schedule and scope • Ensure satisfactory commissioning, testing, training and hand-over of technical and building systems to the building facilities co-workers, including the provision of all necessary documentation. In this role you will report to the Construction Manager. This role is located in Delhi, India.


Real Estate, Ingka As engaged, open minded and curious experts in all parts of the real estate business we take responsibility for the real estate business at Ingka Group as a trustworthy, appreciated and wanted business partner. We secure new and maintain existing physical locations in order to meet the needs of the many people. We provide strategic insight based on our knowledge and understanding of the real estate portfolio in Ingka. We take the lead in delivering safe, compliant, sustainable and innovative property solutions – with Democratic design and life cycle cost on top of our mind. We actively maintain and secure that our properties are kept in relevant shape for the business.