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Meeting Place Project Leader MEGA Nizhniy Novgorod

Fedyakovo, Yaroslavskaya Oblast’ - Explore location Engineering & Technology Full Time

Job description


Value for the business - Motivated by end result of any action, always aiming to make an impact and achieve qualitative result in business, through tackling and solving difficult and new tasks with balanced cost solutions
Solving challenges - Motivated by complex challenging problems
Motivated by result delivery
Leading people through vision and inspiration: Motivated by inspiring others, sharing
your business idea and making others follow you, guiding others and creating a team in order to achieve one purpose for common success
Share and live the IKEA culture and values.

• Master or Bachelor degree preferably in Project management, Construction or Asset management.
•Proven experience of having delivered at least one full cycle project (any size) with Shopping centre development and/or management in the international real estate investor/developer.
•Ability to work both independently and cooperatively in a fast-paced environment and excels under pressure.
•Ability to stay focused on final deliverables.
•Ability to apply helicopter view.
•Critical thinking.
•Develop the business and deliver results
English – good communication skills
Advanced PC user, high level of proficiency in MS Office applications


Purpose: to be responsible for timely delivery and commercial feasibility of medium or small size projects
or components of projects of existing asset, supporting the growth of Meeting Place and IKEA store within the budget and with expected quality to achieve long term strategy ”Meeting place Approach” respecting the defined concept and design.

•Plan and timely deliver the project or a project component within the budget and with expected quality. Ensure that all necessary processes such as design, permitting, leasing, marketing and construction are running smoothly, and according to group rules.
•Efficiently communicate with projects investors and stakeholders.
•Establish effective cooperation with all stakeholders and partners during project development to secure project execution targets are met within expected quality, time and budget.
•Execute localized Meeting place concept according to the commercial idea in the specified market and thus create an additional future asset value, based on a unique customer experience and Omni-channel infrastructure.
•Implement mitigation plans for defined Project risk areas.
•Implement plans to minimize customer disturbance during project execution.
•Manage and maintain positive relationships with regional and local city authorities establish relations and network with industry partners.
•Co-create the Customer Experience Program and Business Plan for the MEGA Nizhniy Novgorod Meeting place by providing solutions which enhance the Customer Journey for each customer group.
•Propose and execute localization of the Meeting Place in all touch points (off-line and on-line), commercial offer, partners design concepts and formats, design story, services, amenities and temporary special experiences to ensure relevance and consistency from customer perspective.
•Ensure required and timely reporting to the steering bodies on the budget and project progress, following company processes and procedures.
•Follow-up, accumulate and share practices and lessons learnt within project management competence inside Meeting place and with other Meeting places

In our team we love puzzles and are always looking for ways to make things smarter, safer and more user-friendly. We all come from different backgrounds and together we enable efficient product development and production through innovative engineering. Of course we also make sure that our products live up to the highest standards of quality, design, function, price and sustainability.