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IT Infrastructure Service Owner – Data Integration

Delft, South Holland IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description


At IKEA we are passionate about what we do, just like you are, but we don’t want to waste your time, so let’s get to the point.

We are doing really cool stuff within the area of data and integration and are about to do much more. For that we need you to bring more amazing engineering and developing competence and a can-do mentality that can deliver new services and keep the ones we have running nicely.

If you can work with APIGEE, Snaplogic and another bunch of data integration technology services and if you communicate with strong business and customer perspective we will love you. You are passionate about technology and the value it can bring to IKEA business and customers, which makes it easy for you to bridge the gap between tech and business.

A fast-changing, global and complex environment is giving you energy and you lead in agile and adaptive ways.

On top of that you should be able to buy into the “pre-agile” principles that form the cornerstone of our business and our company culture. You can find those principles here in case you are not already familiar with them.


In summary we work small and simple, focusing on the business impact and always dare to do things differently.

We support an expanding group of products and platforms delivering data integration capabilities to our colleagues, helping them to focus on digitalisation. The team ensures that the technology platforms are fit for purpose and ready to serve our customers and co-workers at any time and place. We are there to create the fundament to empower the IKEA business through self-service platforms where possible. Where support is needed, we have already taken care of it.  

We aspire to be fluent in cloud, API's, automation and event-driven messaging. We never accept scalability as an excuse, and we ask for forgiveness rather than permission. When you work with us you should love working in small empowered teams in a DevOps way of working with a learning-by-doing approach. We also drive technology shifts in larger digital partnerships through decoupled data-driven architecture, unleashing new business opportunities through API-accessible digital components.

We aim to be in the front lines trying out the latest and the greatest, but only with a value to the many co-workers and customers. This is just the beginning.

Given the seniority required for the job we expect relevant experience in the above fields from you and the rest of the team. Ideally this includes hands-on experience across several technology domains in different businesses. Together we work to find new digital solutions for every business need to help make IKEA a great and efficient place to work.

As personal and professional growth is important, we encourage curiosity. Together we will discover new things, step into the unknown and make sure we are always trying out new ways.


From the deep forests in Sweden, we have spread our culture and values around the world. At the heart of our offer are our beautiful home-furnishing products and solutions, made with care for our planet, reaching millions of customers. At the heart of our business, are our wonderful co-workers representing diversity in all dimensions and passion for life at home. We all contribute with our uniqueness and we want to grow and develop together. Our vision, “to create a better everyday life for the many people” inspires and guides us in everything we do. This is IKEA.

What we have in common:
Living our values
Being your unique self, while respecting and including others
A passion for home furnishing
Performing & delivering while learning & developing
Having fun!


Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is the franchisor and the owner of the IKEA Concept, including the IKEA trademarks. In Core Business Franchise we are responsible for the IKEA strategic framework, keeping it together through an IKEA Concept which is updated, relevant, implemented and followed-up together with all IKEA trademark users.

We enable IKEA people in the value chain by developing new ways of working supported by processes, methods, tools and services. We do that by leading the development of solutions that ensure a unique and successful meeting with existing and new IKEA customers. Leading when and how IKEA expands, we enable one common way of working, with high impact at a low cost.

Read more about us at

If you have questions regarding the role, please reach out to Frans van der Meulen at

Please send your application – CV and letter of motivation – in English by Sunday 12th of January 2020. We really want to get to know you, so make sure you tell us why you want to work at IKEA and why you would be a good fit for this role.