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Job description

Company description

IKEA Manufacturing (Dalian) Co., Ltd is located in Economic and Technical Development Zone of Dalian. The factory site of Dalian IKEA covers 37,000 square meters, having about 650 employees nowadays. There are modernized warehouses, equipments, together with clean and comfortable working environment. It started to manufacture officially on 16th Nov, 2006,mainly in a serial of more than 40 kinds of classic POANG, rocking chairs, knitted chairs, swivel chairs, lying chairs and footstools, etc. The yearly production is more than 1 million pieces. “To be the leading manufacturer of couch POANG serials” is our perspective.

Job description
  • 1.Prepare all CIP/Fixed Asset monthly entries, tracking and reconciliation.  准备在建工程/固定资产登记,跟踪及对账
  • 2.Prepare monthly balance sheet to group and bi-monthly group report,Ingka report .准备给集团的月度资产负债表, 双月集团报表及Ingka报表
  • 3.Cash flow forecast -cash flow management . 资金流预测
  • 4.Payment and receipt of  Foreign currency.  安排本外币收款及付款
  • 5.VAT invoice and export invoice issue.  购买及打印发票,相关资料整理
  • 6.entral bank, SAFE and bank annual audit.  办理与资金相关银行,外管局手续
  • 7.Statistical  report.  报出统计报表
  • 8.Collect related finance materials.   财务相关资料整理
  • 9.Potential to do other accounting job.  有潜力做财务其他工作。

  • 1.College degree above.  大专以上学历
  • 2.Related finance major  or work experience with finance.  财务相关专业,或者有财务相关经验
  • 3. Ability to work in team.  有团队合作精神
  • 4.Preciseness and carefulness.   具有良好的沟通能力
  • well under pressure.   能承受工作压力
  • 6.English :workable. 英文可沟通