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Dalian, Liaoning - Explore location Engineering & Technology Full Time

Job description

Company description

IKEA Industry is the world’s largest producer of wooden furniture and is an integrated part of the Inter IKEA Group. IKEA Industry has 42 production units in 10 countries with around 19,000 co-workers. Every year we produce more than 100 million pieces of furniture for IKEA customers.

IKEA Industry Dalian is belonged in IKEA Industry group and located in Dalian Development Area of China. It is the first environmental company in China. The factory site of IKEA Industry Dalian covers 37000 square meters, having 650 co-workers until 2017. It started to manufacture officially on 16th November, 2006, mainly in a serial of classic POANG, ROCKING chairs etc in the early period. Now, it started to have more new products like
Baby POANG, PELLO,FROSTA and Mirror etc.

Job description

1. 引进自动化新设备、机械、电气系统的新技术;

Introduce new automatic equipment, new technologies for mechanical and electrical systems;

2. 制订设备年度改善计划方案;Make out the annual improvement plan of equipments.

3. 负责新设备供应商电路设计、机械设计、电气元件选型、开发审核工作等;

Responsible for new equipment supplier circuit design, mechanical design, electrical component selection, development review, etc

4. 根据公司管理方针和目标,推进自动化改善项目并负责跟进;

Promote the automation improvement projects and follow up according to company’s management policy and target.

5. 定期跟进和总结项目的进度和成果,并向上级汇报;

Regularly follow up and summarize the progress and results of the project and report to Superiors

6. 协助设备维修团队,给予相关技术支持,确保生产设备的完好率;

Assist the maintenance team,  provide related technical support  to ensure the completion rate of production equipment.

7. 配合公司生产经营需要,服从积极响应相关调动,同时主动高效完成上级交代的其他事宜;

Obey and respond positively to relevant transfer, and actively and efficiently complete other tasks


1. 具备0-3年工作相关工作经验;本科或以上学历,电气自动化/机电一体化相关专业优先;

  0-3 years relevant working experience. Bachelor or above, major in Electromechanical automation or Electromechanical integration is preferred.


Have experience in automation improvement in foreign enterprise and rich project management experience.


Rich practical experience in automation technology and related improvement or experience in robotics is preferred。  

4.具备PLC和触摸屏(HMI)的程序编写能力和异常处理能力,及伺服系统编程能力和故障判断、排除问题的能力.(如SIEMENS/MISTUBISHI );

Good at programming PLC and touch screen (HMI) , capable of exception handling(e.g. SIEMENS/ MISTUBISHI). And programming ability and fault judgment, troubleshooting ability for servo system.


Familiar with the design, installation and debugging of industrial electrical system, with the selection of common parts;


Master in electrical and mechanical drawing, and willing to coach;


Proficient in English, can communicate with foreigners fluently and operate office software like Excel/ Word/ PPT, etc.;


Strong sense of responsibility, great execution, good communication skills and team work.