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Dalian, Liaoning Engineering & Technology Full Time

Job description

Company description

IKEA Industry is the world’s largest producer of wooden furniture and is an integrated part of the Inter IKEA Group. IKEA Industry has 42 production units in 10 countries with around 19,000 co-workers. Every year we produce more than 100 million pieces of furniture for IKEA customers.

IKEA Industry Dalian is belonged in IKEA Industry group and located in Dalian Development Area of China. It is the first environmental company in China. The factory site of IKEA Industry Dalian covers 37000 square meters, having 650 co-workers until 2017. It started to manufacture officially on 16th November, 2006, mainly in a serial of classic POANG, ROCKING chairs etc in the early period. Now, it started to have more new products like
Baby POANG, PELLO,FROSTA and Mirror etc.

Job description

  1. 负责车间刀具的研磨(木工钻头,锯片,铣刀)工作。
  2. 负责木制模具制作及数控操作。
  3. 能参与车间的各种改进改造工作。


  1. 3年以上研磨经验。
  2. 能简单完成机加工木制模具的设计及制作。

  3. 能独立解决研磨过程和模具制作过程中出现的问题。

  4. 能独立完成木钻头及锯片,铣刀的研磨

  5. 有数控操作(siemens)及木工模具制作经验优先考虑。

  6. 能适应倒班,有团队合作精神。

  7. 服从工作安排及调动。