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Interior Design Specialist - Expansion

Conshohocken, United States - Explore location Interior Design & Visual Merchandising Full time

Job description

Why we will love you

• Minimum 5 years of experience in Interior Design or similar
• High School Diploma, GED, or Equivalent
• Formal qualifications in Graphic Design or Equivalent
• Revit 3D planning and documentation skills and experience
• Experience in driving output within set scope and following up results
• Deep Knowledge of trends that influence home furnishing, retail design and communication to gain insight
into a more appealing product presentation for customers.
• Deep knowledge about customers' living situations as well as their needs and frustrations in their everyday life at home.
• Broad knowledge of how to steer the customer to the right product or service for their needs.
• Broad knowledge of IKEA concept, brand objectives, values, and vision.
• Good knowledge of IKEA tools, processes, and cycles.
• Good knowledge of IKEA business plan strategies, priorities, and business planning process.
• Good knowledge of change management methods and tools as well as stakeholder management.
• Broad knowledge of the IKEA multichannel reality and online customer behaviors.
• Broad knowledge of project management.

Your responsibilities

*Implementors: Requires 50% travel and are based out of specific Market areas
*Planners: Must be in a commutable distance to the IKEA Service Office in Conshohocken, PA and onsite 3 days a week

• Designs, plans, and implements Home furnishing solutions that inspire, and engage with consumers that lead to increased Home furnishing interest, visitation, and conversion.
• Core Responsibilities are focused on Breakthrough and SISAN projects
• Secures and plan for an efficient and productive implementation of Home furnishing solutions, coaching, and leading Interior design implementation on-site and from a distance as needed.
• Creates, plans, and documents Home furnishing solutions for implementation that showcases the IKEA visual and verbal identity, position the IKEA Brand, and sales steering to commercial priorities.
• Creates market-specific Home furnishing solutions for all channels (All formats of stores and CMPs, .com, social media, promotion material, POS material, etc) supporting Commercial Calendar and/or based on a brief
from functions such as Communications, Marketing, and Sales, Sustainability, Customer Experience etc.
• Secures the consumer’s life at-home needs, everyday challenges and wishes, and dreams are met and
exceeded in our Home furnishing solutions.
• Maximizes the economy of scales by using global tools and best practices to create and plan effective,
commercial, and inspiring communication solutions efficiently.
• Actively cooperates with all key stakeholders within commercial and beyond to secure integration, common focus and to maximize impact (for example Digital, CFF (Customer Fulfillment), Expansion, Communications, Sustainability, BNOF (Business Navigation Operations & Finance), People & Culture).
• Be an active player in driving an open and sharing climate, be a role model of the IKEA values, and
contribute to the transformation of IKEA.

Our team within ikea

Where others see home furnishing products, we see smart solutions to create a better everyday life. With a great deal of passion, imagination and brainstorming we turn colours, textiles and furniture into inspiring environments that excite, engage and convince IKEA visitors that they can do it too!

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The Salary Range for this position is $64,000-$93,000