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Stage Area Logistica/Amministrazione merci

Camerano, The Marches - Explore location Logistics & Supply Chain Intern

Job description


• You are a specialist knowledge of retail space management.
• Ability to act as a trainer and coach.
• A common-sense approach to objective decision-making based on a clear analysis of the information available.
• Strong analytical and advanced computer skills.
• Proven ability to work on a tactical and operational level, and get things done.
• Ability to establish and maintain relationships based on trust.


• focusing on order parameters, product ordering and availability checks, and coaching other
co-workers to secure the correct use of ordering procedures so that sufficient stock is available to meet customer needs.
• Securing and maintaining the availability of products and taking actions together with your commercial team colleagues to minimise the impact of availability issues on our customers.
• Supporting actions in the store commercial team to ensure a smooth selling-off of products, a timely start to sales of new products and the implementation of sales plans, such as promotions, to increase turnover.
• Working with your manager to address any adjustment needs to the sales department.
• Maximising the efficiency of the goods flow by ensuring the operational forecasting in the store is in line with order parameters and available sales space capacities.