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QSC Operation Specialist

Bengaluru, Karnataka Logistics & Supply Chain Full Time

Job description


KNOWLEDGE: • Good understanding of the Quality for Life Strategy, Supply Strategy and QSC Action Plan • Good knowledge and commitment to contribute to QSC activities and achieve results • Good understanding of customer needs and expectations regarding quality performance and high ability to transfer to daily business • Very good knowledge about tools and working methods to use them in an efficient way for business processes • Very good communication skills to create a common base for stakeholders to find best solutions for our customers workflow • Good understanding of logistical processes in handling and production and their influence on customer quality needs and expectations . MOTIVATION: • Good knowledge of IKEA value chain and how key stakeholders interact in the non-compliant • Eager to actively find the best way to solve a quality problem and continuous desire to improve the way of working with high interest in sharing knowledge and supporting others • High level of self-management, energy and drive to work with stakeholders to reach common goals • Interest to build trust and partnership with different stakeholders to reach common goals • Motivated to share information and deliver key messages clearly and effectively in different forums • Sense of urgency and a never compromise attitude towards quality. CAPABILITIES: • Good analytical thinking with a structured approach to administrative skills • Ability to communicate in an inspiring and simple way to engage and build trust among stakeholders • Ability and confidence to efficiently prioritize and facilitate the settlement of claims, always having customer in mind • Ability to connect with different stakeholders and build networks for collaboration and contribute to deliver business results. LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES: • Develop the business and deliver results • Lead and develop people • Inspire and clarify • Create togetherness • Find better ways • Enable change

Actively contribute to the QSC action plan activities to secure goals set in line with Quality for Life strategy and Supply Strategy are met • Lead the analyzation, handling and communication flow of Quality Reports from receiving units in the region and secure resolution is given to improve customers quality experience • Responsible to identify the scope of a case in a region, initiate investigation requests and use productive communication channel to provide a documentation that enables stakeholders to do quality root cause analysis • Lead the buyer claim calculation and facilitation flow by steering the interaction with all stakeholders, suggest feasible actions for stock on hand and prepare the wholesaler financial settlement process • Responsible for own development to make efficient utilization of tools and working methods to establish a common team work flow process • Lead the own case follow up according to goals and keep the communication process between the stakeholders up and running until the resolution can be provided and case can be closed • Part of a local QSC team and thereby contributing to the development on IKEA non-compliant flow process.


Organise and manage the Product- and Supply Quality non-compliant work flow together with key stakeholders with always keeping customer expectation in mind. Work on behalf of different wholesalers, secure the preparation for financial settlement and coordinate and facilitate buyer claims for stock on hand for all involved parties. PURPOSE OF JOB: Responsible to facilitate and communicate Product and Supply Quality non-compliant cases in order to find solutions for stock on hand. Lead the interaction with involved stakeholders and coordinate an efficient and sustainable correction process to ensure high customer experienced quality.