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Community Engagement Manager

Bengaluru, Karnataka Sustainability Full Time

Job description


WE ARE LOOKING FOR A COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT MANAGER TO JOIN OUR IKEA INDIA TEAM IN BANGALORE: PURPOSE OF JOB: • Integrate the Meeting place into the local communities where community members become the Meeting Place ambassadors. • Co-create the Meeting Place together with the local communities (online and offline), become the platform for co-creation, collaboration and growth of communities around us. • Build the communities around our Meeting Place together with IKEA Retail. • Develop unique outstanding events ahead of competition, using latest trends and technologies, which create strong reason to come and desire to share this experiences. KNOWLEDGE: • Globalisation – Able to adapt global Meeting Place concept to meet local culture and community needs and willpower to adjust the global concept to stay and continue to be relevant. • Synergy Leasing – Able to create synergies among tenants, that ensures a complementary offer for the customers • Customer Behaviour – Knowledge of existing and potential customers needs, behaviours and aspirations to be able to help Ingka evaluate future endeavours and further translate insights into most relevant ideas & solutions, to support for business purpose and decision-making. • Organisational Strategy Design – Able to create and implement long-term strategic plans and directions, set budgets and follow up goals. MOTIVATION: • Motivated by launching / bringing new "things" into the company • Motivated by the opportunity to have and experience true, tight partnership & team work with one purpose • Motivated by a happy customer • Motivated by the possibility to take decisions and be responsible for them. • Motivated by the opportunity to test new ideas and fail. • Motivated by leading people.


ASSIGNMENT: • Perform research to reach the full level of understanding of the environment in which the Meeting Place operates using market and customer intelligence tools. Regularly carry out Local Market research in order to maintain the knowledge. • Identify the key communities with which the Meeting Place interacts, develop community insights and granular knowledge of communities around the Meeting Place. Establish, maintain & develop long-term relationships with local communities, authorities, opinion leaders and other external stakeholders. Engage IKEA Retail in these activities. • Partner and cooperate with Accelerator Hub and/or external partners in order identify and implement innovation projects/ initiatives in the Meeting Place. Drive the local innovation projects which are beneficial for the Meeting Place (unique customer experiences, co-creation, operations optimization etc.). • Build personalized communication approach and constant dialog with Community knowing people on personal level and building constant dialogue, iistening to and working with feedback. • Create, sustain and work with the Commercial calendar of the Meeting Place. Authentically integrate community and public city activities into Commercial calendar of the Meeting Place and integrate the Meeting place into the life of the local communities. Secure variety and flexibility of events “365 days” stimulate frequency of visits and create a critical mass to differentiate the Meeting Place from competition based on business needs and main retail seasons, contributing to brand positioning, brand values and local Uniqueness, overall Customer Experience aiming to bring new impressions and build emotional connection with Customers. • Become the platform for cooperation/ collaboration/ co-creation with and between the local communities (both on-line and off-line) to support community initiatives, grow community talents, rising stars and pop-ups. Connect our partners and communities together and become a natural Meeting Place for them. • Create Community space in the Meeting Place as basis for further active interaction and co-creation. Deliver and constantly improve and develop the Interest Clubs and content in the Community space so that Community always have reason to come, share and learn something new. • Create strong on-line Community via social media. • Implement Loyalty Program rewarding Community members for being active in relations with the Meeting Place. • Drive the sustainability Agenda in the communities (PPP strategy) and be known as the pioneer of sustainability and social responsibility topics on the local market. Engage the members of the local communities in defining and driving the Sustainability agenda of the Meeting Place. • Be the ambassador of Brand promise, values, identity and be aware of how it is perceived on the local market; use it as a base to localize the positioning of the Meeting Place. • Have in place a long-term approach to marketing support of the Meeting Place Uniqueness. • Secure the consistent omni-channel communication through balanced media mix which supports both brand awareness and performance priorities of the Meeting Place • Find commercialization or co-investment opportunities for the marketing activities to decrease own marketing costs and provide resources for enhancing customer experience further using various opportunities (e.g. sponsorship, brand placement, barter deals etc.). Engage additional income team in event planning and implementation to maximize commercialization of events and activities. In doing this, ensure that Meeting Place uniqueness and brand positioning is secured. • Integrate promotion of events and activities into communication in all media channels, including promotion via Digital tools, ATL, PR support • Communicate and cooperate with PR and Event agencies, Community organizations, opinion leaders and local government representatives by organizing common events both at the Meeting Place and in its catchment areas • Drive and develop the Community engagement and Loyalty Team of the Meeting Place, focusing on developing professional and management skills, setting goals and priorities and following up on the results of the co-workers performance. Execute the company HR policy, ensuring that all co-workers are familiar with company steering documents and regulations, and are compliance with Code of Conduct, labour discipline, occupational health and safety and any other standards/ requirements applicable to the Meeting Place. • Accumulate, share the best practices & lessons learnt with other Meeting Places. CAPABILITIES: • Applying Financial Insight - Applies financial knowledge to achieve organizational goals and objectives. • Driving Performance - Provides guidance and feedback to maximize performance of individuals and/or groups. • Business Courage - Demonstrates ability, willingness and proactive attitude to generate new ideas and mobilize people around them, finding ways to convert them into new business opportunities LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES: • Develop the business and deliver results • Lead and develop people • Inspire and clarify • Create togetherness • Find Better ways • Enable Change


To deliver a compelling value proposition beyond the normal shopping experience of the Meeting Place for tenants, customers and the local community.