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Meeting Place Manager

Beijing, Beijing Municipality - Explore location Leadership & Management Full Time

Job description



• Globalisation – Able to adapt global Meeting Place concept to meet local culture and community needs and willpower to adjust the global concept to stay and continue to be relevant.
• Synergy Leasing – Able to create synergies among partners that ensures a complementary offer for the customers.
• Community Engagement – Understanding of how to drive engagement with various levels of the local community.
• Customer Behavior – Knowledge of existing and potential customer’s needs behaviours and aspirations to be able to help Ingka evaluate future endeavours and further translate insights into most relevant ideas & solutions, to support for business purpose and decision-making.
• Sustainability – Knowledge of how to transform our operations to become climate positive and contribute to a circular society, and positive impact on local communities. Knowledge of how to balance and merge environmental, social, and economic aspects to define sustainability and how Ingka uses that knowledge in striving for growth within the limits of the planet.
• Organisational Strategy Design – Able to create and implement long-term strategic.


• Entrepreneurship/ Innovation - Motivated by searching and grasping business opportunities. Taking ownership and responsibility for making things happen
• Leading People through vision and inspiration - Motivated by inspiring others, sharing your business idea and making others follow you, guiding others and creating a team in order to achieve one purpose for common success
• Value for the many (Social reasonability) - Motivated by being a part of something big a change that influences people for the better (something big and humanistic)
• Value for the business - Motivated by end result of any action, always aiming to make an impact and achieve qualitative result in business, through tackling and solving difficult and new tasks with balanced cost solutions
• Passion for sustainability and highly motivated about making the Meeting Place people and planet positive.
• Sharing and living IKEA culture and values plans and directions, set budgets and follow up goals.
• Basic Financial literacy - skills and ability to use financial resources to make decisions. These decisions include how to generate, invest, spend, and save money in order to understand different businesses work and how our decisions affect the Value of the asset.
• Safety & security: Knowledge of fundamentals
• IT: Good knowledge of MS OFFICE 365.


• Driving Performance - Provides guidance and feedback to maximise performance of individuals and/or groups.
• Business Courage - Demonstrates ability, willingness and proactive attitude to generate new ideas and mobilize people around them, finding ways to convert them into new business opportunities.
• Driving change - Champions new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance.
• Relationship building - Develops virtual and other collaborative relationships to facilitate current and future objectives.
• Critical Thinking - Applies critical thinking skills to continuously examine and challenge existing strategies, plans, goals and ways of working.
• Collaborating: ability to work in remote team within one global organization, motivated to share and take on best business practices.

Develop the business and deliver results
Lead and develop people
Inspire and clarify
Create togetherness
Find better ways
Enable change


• Ensures continuos Market Value growth of the asset by creating relevant Meeting Place Strategies, the Business plan and the Budget as well as constantly follows-up on Meeting Place development in accordance with the valid Meeting place Mandate.
• Builds and develops an empowered, front-led, adaptable and self-led team of highly motivated co-workers with the right mix of competencies, fully capable of meeting the needs and desires of local customers and communities by encouraging agile ways of working, innovative thinking, enterpreneural mindset as well as actively promoting IKEA Culture & Values.
• Strives to make the Meeting place best place to work for all people in the centres by offering great working conditions and creating real people movement through engagement of all co-workers into Meeting place activities and making them the ambassadors for our Culture & Values.
• Taking overall responsibility for the sustainability agenda, drives actions to position the Meeting Place on the local market as best in class in terms of sustainability in accordance with the Ingka People & Planet Positive strategy and locally adapted Sustainability Action Plan.
• Drives and continously improves visitation to the Meeting Place and IKEA store through transforming the asset into the best Meeting place for the many people, by constantly improving Customer journey & Customer Experience as well as providing unique offer based on deep knowledge, analyses and understanding of the daily needs and desires as well as customer insights.
• Constantly identifies new business opportunities and pilots new ideas by engaging the local partners and community into co-creation, in close cooperation with Domains with the goal to continously improve Meeting place performance and the daily life of the many people.
• Makes the Meeting place known as reliable and trustworthy Partner on the local market by establishing and maintaining long-term relationship with surrounding communities, the local authorities (city settlement administration, consulates, non-government organisations and charity organisations) and opinion leaders in order to co-create the Meeting place and jointly identify opportunities for development
• Accountable for Safety and Security of the Meeting place, legal compliance, life safety of all customers, partners and co-workers on the site.
• Cooperates with Facility Management department to ensure that facility management is conducted with high quality, in time and within the approved budget.
• Cooperates with other Ingka Domains, such as procurement etc, to ensure the function of the Meeting Place.


To deliver a compelling value proposition beyond the normal experience of the Meeting Place for IKEA store, collaborates, customers and local community. Transform retail destinations into meeting places with a powerful retailing attraction that goes far beyond shopping, with the customer and community in focus. To drive visitation to the meeting place, work together with IKEA store to increase conversion, deliver operational results and increase asset value.
Develop a Vision and Strategy for the Meeting place that can inspire and onboard all stakeholders.