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In Store Logistics Manager

Bandar Cassia, Malaysia - Explore location Logistics & Supply Chain Full time

Job description

Company description

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. We do this by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them. We operate in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand – and have an ambitious expansion plan to bring a little bit of Sweden to new markets in the region. We are part of the Ikano Group of companies and the only IKEA franchisee owned by the Kamprad family that founded IKEA.

We also develop, own and operate Shopping Centres that are anchored by IKEA and create walkable communities by including residential, office and other types of real estate in our development plans.

We work towards making sustainability a natural part of our everyday work. We are active in our communities, driving and supporting social initiatives that benefit children, women and the environment.

Job description

Purpose of the Job 

  • Lead and inspire the store Logistics team to secure goods availability, efficient low-cost goods flow processes and logistics competence in the store. 
  • Lead and inspire the Recovery to secure methods for lowering costs, increase quality perception and maximise profits.
  • Contribute to an excellent customer shopping experience through high goods availability, customer centric service operations and a safe store environment at all times.
  • Support individual development and business expansion by securing a living succession plan is in place for all key positions within logistics and recovery functions.

Responsibilities of the Job

  • Lead the store Logistics department and work with the country Fulfilment team as well as the store commercial team to secure the highest goods availability, including customer order fulfilment, for customers at all times at the lowest possible cost.
  • Actively participate in the management process to create the store business plan. Use global and country input to develop and follow up on all logistics and recovery actions that support the country business plan and direction. Ensure all relevant country strategies and priorities are aligned in the store business and action plan.
  • Identify, recruit and develop the many talents in the store, specifically in your own function. Secure a diverse, competent team that can execute their assigned responsibilities with confidence and secure future succession.
  • Secure development and correct usage of long-term logistics capacity in the store according to range frame. This includes space, equipment and people as a part of the total supply chain capacity.
  • Share knowledge with colleagues and business partners to support their competence development, particularly the understanding of effective and efficient goods flow as well as safety in goods handling. Be an ambassador of the IKEA value chain within logistics through securing the objectives and goals stated in the Global Supply Chain Operational Handbook, local appendices, and service agreements with the transport service providers. 
  • Monitor the logistics and recovery department's performance and take relevant actions to achieve the goals for growth, budget and performance in the business plan and action plan.
  • Analyse and formulate actions based on the results of customer satisfaction feedback, IKEA Brand Capital report, co-worker satisfaction feedback and commercial reviews. Ensure logistics and recovery team actions ensure the quality of products, commercial merchandising and ultimately deliver a great shopping experience in the store.
  • Position IKEA retailers and the IKEA Brand as responsible partners committed to lowering environmental impact by taking relevant actions that contribute towards achieving sustainable long-term profitability. Through your everyday work you contribute to a people and planet positive business, social connection and environmental impact
  • Ensure that the store logistics and recovery departments work in compliance with the IKEA Code of Conduct, internal IKEA regulations and local legislation relating to health, safety and security and the environment.
  • Live the IKEA values and nurture a strong and thriving IKEA culture that inspires colleagues to reach extraordinary achievements in the store.



  • Lead and manage in order to build high performing teams and secure succession for the future. Building trust and communicate in a clear and targeted way with different people in different situations. 
  • Understand budget, cost and key performance measurements used to plan, follow up and steer the business.
  • Understand the business plan process and how to integrate my function’s priorities into that plan.
  • Understand capacity planning and can analyse future needs and formulate actions to meet these needs at the lowest total cost.
  • Understand how other store functions contribute to successful logistics and recovery operations
  • Having logistics knowledge to contribute within the commercial team, in order to raise the overall commerciality of the store.
  • Understand the regulations and legislation relating to health, safety and security.
  • Able to manage a high volume and agile retail environment, reaching the desired effect or results. 
  • Deliver and making things happen with speed, simplicity and flexibility even in unpredictable situations.  
  • Follow up and optimize operational performance while considering tactical plans.
  • Develop (support, coach and train) others to grow and, at the same time, secure my own development
  • Interested in Home Furnishing and Life@Home 
  • Able to work on Public Holidays and weekends 
  • Able to work shifts 

More Information

Please apply by 30 October 2022

Important Note: 

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