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Senior Software Engineer-Front-End

Amsterdam, North Holland - Explore location IT & Digital Solutions Full Time

Job description

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend - CORE & HOME SERVICES -ENERGY

Group digital


What if you could play a part to create a better everyday life for the many people.

Hej! My name is Mahdi and I am privileged to lead the Energy engineering teams of Core & Home Services domain in Ventures & Services and build the engineering capabilities to aid in the providing Clean Energy services to the many people and I want you in my team, and I will tell you why.

So, here’s why you should be joining IKEA: And here is why you should be joining Sustainability: and be part of the clean energy movement

Creating a better everyday life for the many people is something that goes beyond the home interior products and services that shape our homes. If we want to achieve our ambition to become climate positive by 2030 then the way we live, and the way we produce, use and distribute our energy consumption needs to become more sustainable. We believe people like you can make a difference in creating a more sustainable world and that is why our Digital team focused on Clean Energy Services designs, develops, tests, and launches initiatives, products and services that will help hundreds of millions across the globe to change to clean energy. A movement that will greatly impact the IKEA brand and business, shaping how we move forward.

In a cross functional global digital team of engineering, design, product and data & analytics, we work together from within the heart of the IKEA business to enable the transition to cleaner energy, not only changing the lives of the many people across the globe, but also contributing to a more livable, sustainable future. With it we hope to inspire, educate and empower millions of people to switch to clean energy and mobility. To make this happen we need the best skilled people, for this we need you.

We believe clean energy services should be affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere and anytime. By using our products and services to remove barriers for the many people we can bring them closer to products such as solar panels, electric vehicle charging, clean energy suppliers and heat pumps. This will enable the transition to more sustainable homes. If you believe like us that the future is built on clean energy, then we would love to hear from you.


We are looking for a passionate and experienced software engineer who are excited about technology and innovative ways of working and want to take part of shaping the future of IKEA!

We are looking for a true team player. You know your tech and not afraid to challenge, share ideas, see opportunities, learn yourself to bring the needed changes. You are an expert who is curious and always looks for creative ways to reach set goals and remove obstacles. You care about the details and know what it takes to deliver great quality applications. You will take part and can influence strategic decisions regarding the design, construction, distribution and maintenance of cloud-based solutions for our business.

As a person you have a proven ability to develop high quality code using and applying good practices and principles. You have a curious nature and actively acquire new knowledge, skills, champion new methods, digital systems and processes to improve performance. Doing so, enables you to change direction based on new ideas, approaches and strategies. You strive to work autonomously and through continuous improvement within the software engineering function. By encouraging simplicity, efficiency, ownership, accountability, you are making it easy to collaborate with others to achieve common goals.

To be successful as a Software Engineer you have advanced training in computer science or similar experience through keeping up with current best practices in your areas of expertise. In addition, you have demonstrable experience in

working in an Agile and DevOps environment and thrive on taking full accountability for the products and the customer experience. You get energized by delivering high quality software in an agile environment, with a focus on well-functioning software ecosystems, democratic data, smart infrastructure and building a resilient foundation, which is all part of our Technology strategy.

Typical tasks in your role:

· Frontend experience in: React and web development

· Strong experience as developer in: JavaScript/TypeScript; GraphQL; REST APIs; testing libraries like Mocha, Jest

· Experience with GitHub and CI/CD pipelines

· Familiar with building microservices using cloud solutions (Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless preferably on GCP)

· Contributing to setting up the organization and ways of working (Design patterns, clean code enthusiast, inner sourcing…)

· Bringing in third party open-source tools as needed

· Prototyping new ideas, both individually and across teams

· Mentor medior/junior engineers.

The IKEA culture and values are the core of our business and day to day work life. For you to thrive and grow with IKEA it is important for us that you share our values! You can read more regarding our values and life at IKEA on our website .


Within the sub-domain, together with you, we would build and maintain the digital ecosystem to support the product services and operations for clean energy. Our digital touchpoints will connect with the web, app, sales and support co-worker applications, store kiosks, planners, social media, ad networks, communication services, home smart devices.

You will be developing products for the digital solutions for the Clean Energy team. Our vision is to create a simple omni-channel experience to inspire, educate and empower millions of people to switch to clean energy and mobility. The digital representation of the Energy services is rather new, so a lot has yet to be set up. Hence, we are looking for someone with experience in building maturity into the existing products and scale out globally. You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the product. Therefore, you need to closely collaborate with subject domain experts and engineering professionals, UX and data.

As Senior Software Engineer, your main responsibilities will include you:

o being accountable for delivering quality software quickly, reliably and safely to production, and understanding the customer impact and experience of your contribution

o working in agile teams and across the capability areas, contributing to the development and maintenance of products and solutions, community practices at the core of your delivery

o applying and adhere to good practice software engineering practices (e.g. DRY principles, TDD and BDD, continuous integration, automated tests, pair programming, code reviews, security) within an agile/iterative development approach

o providing support and guidance as needed to other developers within the development team encouraging good practices, as well as creating an environment based on psychological safety

o contributing to the continuous development of standards against which software development should take place as well as exploring and bring in new technologies and tools to boost innovation and development productivity

o working closely together with other software engineers and cross functions to produce all required design specifications and ensure that digital solutions work together and fulfil business needs


At Group Digital, we set the digital agenda to keep IKEA leading in an ever evolving and fast-moving environment. We drive the development, provision and operation of our digital products and services through the use of new and existing technology and agile delivery methods to deliver at pace. At the same time, we provide a home for digital skills to both develop and extend the technical, people and business skills needed to ensure continuous development and growth of our digital capability.


The role is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information about the role, please contact Veronika Danovich at Please note that we will be interviewing continuously. We look forward to hearing from you!

We’re the ones who make it possible for people to have a smarter life at home and a hassle-free and rewarding shopping experience. Together we work to find new digital solutions for every business need to help make IKEA a great and efficient place to work. We like to think of ourselves as innovative and modern, and we believe that nothing would actually work without us.