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Improving today. Inventing tomorrow. Pioneering paths on the digital multichannel. Engineering product development innovations. Designing IT solutions to connect customers, co-workers and suppliers, and synthesising all that data.

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Our products are our identity. Reflecting IKEA Democratic Design in form and function, built-in sustainability and good quality – always at a low price. Creating clear, honest communication in person and online with co-workers and customers.

Keeping it all together are the people who keep us together. Guiding the needs and development of people, projects and priorities across IKEA companies to keep us in balance, on budget, safe, healthy and well-informed.

Analysing – and influencing – by finding the facts in the figures; assuring accounting standards and efficiency. Staying in step with constantly-changing tax codes, local and international laws and guidelines. Providing governance to keep every IKEA entity compliant, safe and operational.

Being there on the factory floor partnering with suppliers to work smarter, better and conserve resources. Getting millions of products from here to there – everywhere, every day! – so IKEA customers can have exactly what they want and enjoy at home right away.

Listen first. ‘To create a better everyday life for the many people’, our IKEA vision, we have to know what they need and want. So, listening guides our leadership and strategy for managing every other step in our value chain. Leading IKEA business transformation and growth worldwide.

Engaging at every encounter! Making every IKEA experience – virtual and real – fun, easy, enjoyable, inspiring, rewarding and relevant, by responding to what people really need and want in order to live their dream of a better everyday life.

Administration & Support Services

You’re ready for anything. You keep track of things. You enjoy helping everyone do what they do better. Faster. With less fuss, fewer hitches and headaches. You plan the events and manage the guest lists. You thrive on being an administrative magician who keeps offices, processes and organisations running smoothly. Thank you!

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Business & Consumer Insights & Analytics

You help IKEA people make better decisions. Getting big insights from big data. Analysing business and customers so people can make fact-based decisions. Knowing the trends before they’re trends. Developing a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and people’s lives at home. Then turning all that knowledge into a better everyday life for IKEA customers.

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Business Development

You like finding innovative ways to improve every part of the IKEA value chain. Making IKEA accessible to more of the many people. You enjoy getting involved with a variety of projects, initiatives, touchpoints and processes to create long-term value. Helping IKEA grow. Transforming the IKEA business for the better.

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Customer Relations

You’re naturally good with people. You anticipate what customers need and want in every contact with IKEA – in the store, on the phone, online and at home. You set up services, gather feedback and make things right. You build relationships. By doing what you do, customers find they have a friend in IKEA. Want to make some friends?

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Design & Product Development

You develop products and solutions that make life better. You lead and connect people to transform design into real products for real people – from the factory floor to the customer. You’re guided and inspired by Democratic Design – the IKEA view on how to create sustainable products with beautiful design, good function, great quality and low price.

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Now what? You show us! You lead business development and operations across digital channels to turn visitors into customers. You inspire people with the IKEA range wherever they are – on a bus, in the waiting room, at an IKEA store, at home on the sofa or in the bathtub.

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Engineering & Technology

You’re a key part of our team, enabling efficient product development and production through innovative engineering. You love a puzzle and look for ways to make things smarter, safer and more user-friendly. And you make sure our products live up to the highest standards of quality, design, function, price and sustainability.

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You help us grow. Discover new horizons, push boundaries and explore uncharted territory. You love to analyse new and existing markets to make the most of the IKEA business. You lead the way to bring the IKEA offer to even more of the many people around the world. IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad said: ‘Most things still remain to be done. A glorious future!’ Don’t you agree?

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Exploration, Co-Creation & Innovation

Who knows? Do you? You’re curious about the future and aim to tackle the issues impacting our everyday lives. Solving the really big problems for people and the planet. You work across IKEA and beyond to connect ideas and technologies, building on the creativity of the collective brain to create new business opportunities and better lives for people everywhere.

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Food and Restaurant

You want to create a great experience for IKEA customers with a modern taste of Sweden! And you know food plays a vital role in creating a better everyday life for the many people – in IKEA stores, at work and in people’s homes. Whether you’re cooking, sourcing products, developing an offer or serving customers, food is your passion. Especially when it’s honest, healthy and delicious.

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Finance, Accounting & Tax

You’re an analyser and an influencer. You find the truth behind the figures to steer the IKEA business. Securing compliance with local and international laws and reporting standards? Assuring accounting processes are efficient and tax compliance meets business needs? Consider it done. Providing reliable financial data to a wide variety of stakeholders? You’re on it.

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Health & Safety

You care about people. You make sure customers and colleagues come home safe and sound every day. New solutions for a sound and healthy work environment get you going. Prevention is key! Together with colleagues, you stop accidents before they happen. Safety first!

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Interior Design & Visual Merchandising

You bring IKEA products to life in our stores and catalogue, online and beyond. You turn colours, textures, layouts and furnishings into smart solutions that excite, engage and convince IKEA visitors that they can do it too. Your solutions, designs and range presentation inspire the many people to take a better life home with them. Show us!

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IT & Digital Solutions

You help make IKEA an innovative and modern brand. You make it possible for people to have a smarter life at home and a rewarding (hiccup-free!) shopping experience. And you help make IKEA a great and efficient place to work with digital solutions for every business need. You’re a vital part of the IKEA business – now more than ever.

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Leadership & Management

You’re not afraid of the unknown. You’re an explorer. You know it’s not about you, but about working together. You take pride in seeing everyone around you grow and develop. You encourage people to experiment, test, try – and sometimes fail. As long as they learn along the way. And you're well aware that the back of an aeroplane arrives at exactly the same time as the front.

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Legal & Governance

You help us stay on track and in line in a changing world. You love harmonising local and international law with the best interests of IKEA and its customers. Your diligence keeps our business on top of the legalities and guidelines governance requires. Your integrity is unquestioned, your capacity is vast and your dedication to detail is vital.

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Getting this from here to there. Or ten thousand of these to all of those places. You thrive on the strategic and tactical challenge it takes to assure availability of IKEA products and range all around the world at the highest quality and lowest possible cost. Making sure customers can buy BILLY online in the morning and have it at home by the time they go to bed.

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Marketing & Communication

You are the IKEA voice. In every place and in every channel where IKEA speaks. In words. In pictures. And maybe in virtual worlds and more. Your mission is to build the brand and inspire people to find value in all we have to offer. And to keep your fellow co-workers informed, engaged and connected in a constantly changing business environment.

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Material Innovation

Who would ever think of such a thing? Well…you would! You delve deep into emerging technologies and materials. You develop solutions and build the platforms that will define the IKEA range in the decades to come. Sustainable, attractive, compatible, healthy and safe. All to deliver products that really do make IKEA customers’ lives better.

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People & HR

You support the IKEA business through people processes based on the IKEA values and a unique view on people. You believe different experiences and backgrounds collectively make us wiser and stronger. You work hard to bring the best people on board. And you create a sturdy foundation for them to bloom into their best selves as they build the business too. You believe in people.

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You’re a maker. And you know that what you make today ends up in people’s homes tomorrow. Some people wake up to the smell of coffee, but you wake up to the scent of birch. You love technology too! It’s what makes beautiful designs a reality. Great products, great quality, great price.

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Project Management

How is all this going to get done, anyway? You tell us! You work across functions with different teams, stakeholders and partners on all sides – bringing out the best of everyone involved. And yet you still meet deadlines and come in on budget. Your planning skills are celebrated. You deliver high-quality results while keeping costs down. Should we talk about your next project?

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Property & Facility Management

You lead the way in delivering safe, compliant, sustainable, and innovative solutions for every property. You help secure, build and maintain our physical locations – from stores to offices to factories – to help us meet the needs of the many people. You get a sense of pride seeing everything working smoothly. Your colleagues need you!

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Purchasing & Sourcing

You’re a born negotiator. You source the world for suppliers for everything from raw materials for products to ink for the printer. You work to maximise what suppliers can provide at the lowest possible prices while assuring safe and sustainable sourcing at all times. Most importantly: you build mutually beneficial partnerships for the long term. Want to make a deal?

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Quality & Lean

Keep the quality. Cut the waste. Save time. Save money. Reduce resources. You increase operational excellence without sacrificing what IKEA customers want: a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at low prices. It’s a collaborative process of continuous improvement and an ongoing challenge to make the most of every single thing.

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Real Estate & Leasing

You help us find, develop and manage IKEA properties in countries around the world. Renting. Leasing. Buying. Managing. Huge stand-alone IKEA stores, entire shopping centres, meeting places, work spaces and more. You understand that as retail changes, so do real estate needs and opportunities. All to stay close to IKEA customers.

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Risk & Compliance

Your insights and early warnings ensure growth for the entire IKEA value chain. You protect and strengthen the IKEA brand through your laser focus on risk management, data protection, compliance, business operations, health and safety. By ensuring compliance and increasing risk awareness, you protect our assets, co-workers, customers and visitors.

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Sales & Commercial

There you are! Right where the IKEA product range meets the customer. Wherever that may be – in IKEA stores, online, in our catalogue and beyond. Providing market and consumer insights for range development. Creating and implementing sales tools and solutions that make real connections with customers. More than just a retailer. An entrepreneur.

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You want to create a positive impact on people, society and the planet. How can IKEA products become circular by using material and resources in the best way? How can you improve lives for the people who create our products? And how can IKEA benefit the communities where it operates? These questions keep you up at night. And they bring you to work every day.

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